Mideast Crisis: 'No Other Way to Live in Peace'

It is about the goal of Nasrallah to be the one that will have maybe a kind of a veto right on peace in the Middle East. He wants to be the leader not only of the Lebanese, not only to be the representative of Iran, but to be the leader of the Palestinians. He is taking a very dangerous role in the region, and we have to stop it. And Israel is doing the right thing and maybe right now Israel is doing the right thing not only for the Israeli interest, but this is part of the policy of the international community. And this is the reason why our expectation from the G8 was also to say the right thing. And I believe that we are doing the right thing because we are the same side with the G8. We represent the policy and the interests of the free world, of the Western world.

Gibson: So a U.N. delegation comes in here tomorrow to begin to talk about what to do. Do you think that there's going to be a push to get a U.N. force on the border? Is that where we eventually head?

Livni: I think that this will be part of the discussions. We heard some statement, not only from the U.N. -- even today there was a statement by Kofi Annan and Tony Blair and even the G8 statement, part of the statement, refers to the international role, maybe with forces or something like this. We'll have to check with and I am going to meet with these envoys that are coming to this region from the U.N., and to check what is the most effective way to end or to get out of the situation for a better future.

Gibson: But is that not the only practical way to end this? To get the U.N. force on the border given the question of whether the Lebanese government will be strong enough to take control of the border itself?

Livni: The best option, of course, is to get the Lebanese army on the border, but in the Middle East, you have to choose between options. It's not only about the best option and as long as they say that they don't have the ability to do it, we have to discuss with the international community what is the best way to get out of it. But it's too early for me to say something or to make a statement. We are going to sit and find out in the next few days what is the best way to impose, to implement 1559.

In the past, we had some experience with United National forces, which didn't stop Hezbollah from kidnapping soldiers. This was the last event from a few years ago in which Hezbollah kidnapped soldiers and the United Nations monitors just looked and did nothing. So we have to think what is the best way or what is the best possibility to stop Hezbollah from trying to …

Gibson: Reassert itself?

Livni: Yes, yes.

Gibson: But is not the U.N. Force the only practical way in reality to do it?

Livni: First, as I said before, 1559 Resolution speaks about the Lebanese army and this is the goal -- not only the Israeli goal but I believe the international community's.

Gibson: But not a terrible, potent force, is it?

Livni: No, but as I said before, it's too early for me, and I'm not going to use this opportunity, excuse me, to make a statement about the international forces, the U.N. forces or others. We are going to sit. They are coming tomorrow, and it is my responsibility to find out what is the best way to keep Hezbollah out of the southern part of Lebanon and what are the best steps we have to take with the international community.

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