Mideast Crisis: 'No Other Way to Live in Peace'

Gibson: Your government has been very careful to say this is a battle against Hezbollah not necessarily, even though you have said you feel the Syrians and Iranians are behind many of their actions.

Livni: It's not about feeling, it's about information.

Gibson: Information … but this is not a battle against either of those nations. You've been very careful to not bring Syria or Iran as targets of what you're doing militarily.

Livni: We have our own responsibility. I mean, Nasrallah as the leader of Hezbollah tries to put the region in flames. He tries to target Israel, as I said, not as the Lebanese representative but as a representative of this axis of terrorism and hate.

As we see it, and this is the Israeli government policy, and these are the goals of the operation, first the Lebanese government is responsible because the attacks came from Lebanese soil, sovereign Lebanese soil to sovereign Israeli soil. Second, the Lebanese government had to implement 1559 Resolution and they failed to do it. But the most important goal of this operation is to target the Hezbollah. I mean Hezbollah is using Lebanon and we had to stop it and this is the goal of the operation.

Gibson: It's early in the day yet, but we have not seen the kind of missile attacks that we saw yesterday on Haifa, at least as serious. We haven't seen longer-range missiles coming into Israel that we saw yesterday. Do you think that you have degraded the military capabilities of Hezbollah, or do you still worry that longer range missiles could come to the country?

Livni: It's a yes answer for both your questions. I mean, we have degraded it and they have now less missiles. But yet, it's not over yet.

Gibson: You still worry?

Livni: Yes.

Gibson: Madam Minister, thank you. Nice to talk with you.

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