Al Gore's Global Rock Show

"My job -- as I see it -- is to change enough minds at the grass-roots level so that whoever is elected will make this the No. 1 issue," Gore said. "There are still 500 days between now and the election, and so I'm gonna concentrate on making sure that whoever the nominees are and whoever is elected will make this the top priority."

Gore said he's fallen out of love with politics. But, he added, he respects people who are still in the political game.

"I respect people who are still in that process. I did it for a long time," Gore said. "I found that there are other ways to serve. But I'm focused on what I truly believe is the most dangerous crisis we've ever faced, but also the greatest set of opportunities that we've ever faced."

His goal behind his work on global warming -- from his film "An Inconvenient Truth" to his work on Live Earth, he said, "is to avoid the catastrophic damage, irretrievable damage to Earth's climate and Earth's environment, unless we act quickly. We will act. But the way we'll act is when enough people feel the sense of urgency that's appropriate."

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