19,000 Bells Ring Out Across Japan

A symbolic gesture for those who lost their lives in last year's earthquake.
6:28 | 03/11/12

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Transcript for 19,000 Bells Ring Out Across Japan
Into a day at -- in Japan. Marking one year since the epic earthquake and tsunami that struck there unleashing a nuclear nightmare. -- Spring out of that country today 191000. Times for the dead and the missing at the exact moment the quake struck. People -- their heads in silence and in prayer. It's been a year since world news took compared to I and -- I met so many to families looking for loved ones the children right there being checked for radiation. Just outside crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. And tonight here ABC's a -- -- to reports from the region one year later taking us back into Fukushima. A virtual no man's land now. Did pretty from the tsunami still -- Japan's nuclear waste plant. The twelve mile area around the Fukushima power plant virtually untouched since disaster forced 80000 people to evacuate. Once thriving cities are now ghost towns -- businesses still frozen in time wild animals one of the few signs of life. We ventured deep inside the government's exclusion zone into the -- up -- -- -- -- earthquake ravaged -- pets abandoned by their owners still clinging to life. The united kennel club -- -- rescued more than 700 cats and dogs. But they say two dozen are dying from starvation -- three day. As we approach the Fukushima plant were reminded of high radiation levels that remain. We are less than a mile outside the Fukushima plant and we've seen the number. Twenty -- receivers an -- that's more than five times the hourly level of radiation acceptable for nuclear workers in the US. Renter -- let me -- he's our last witness the -- explosions from his home. -- he's defied orders to stay out of -- Syria to feed cows he's been told to euthanize. With that throughout the government never tried to save them he says I am filled with rage. His cattle are now -- contaminated with cesium the government said it will take at least thirty years to decommission the nuclear plants. This area may not be safe to leave or work in four decades. He go -- ABC news Fukushima Japan.

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{"id":15899210,"title":"19,000 Bells Ring Out Across Japan","duration":"6:28","description":"A symbolic gesture for those who lost their lives in last year's earthquake. ","url":"/WNT/video/19000-bells-ring-japan-symbolic-gesture-lost-lives-last-years-earthquake-international-15899210","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}