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3:10 | 11/11/11

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Another death has occurred -- -- Occupy Wall Street camp a man in his forties has been found dead inside a tent at the Salt Lake City encampment. Police have yet to determine his cause of death but they do not suspect foul play. The news comes after a man died from gunshot wounds following a fight near the occupy Oakland camp in California on Thursday. It's not yet known if the people involved in the incident were a part of the movement. And in Vermont police say a man shot himself in the head in an apparent suicide at -- Occupy Wall Street camp in Burlington. He was 835 year old military veteran. Penn State fans are preparing for their first game without Joseph Paterno in more than forty years. As the investigation into a former assistant coach accused of sex abuse expands beyond the borders -- happy valley. Now the mother of one of the victims as coming forward to speak out about the alleged crimes ABC's Scott Goldberg report. In an exclusive interview with ABC news the mother of one of the boys allegedly molested by the former defensive coordinator Penn State's football team. Says her son was just eleven years old when he first met Jerry sandusky at the coach's second mile foundation. He was -- well -- you know. You tell you what to do I just you know what to do and you just can't tell Terry now according to the grand jury report the boy referred to by authorities as victim one was spending time with San dusty every weekend in 2007. Sleeping at the coach's house where he was being abused I didn't know that he was taking him out of classes. They never told me that I want justice I want him I -- to him to be locked up he needs to be put away for a long time. -- dusty is now under investigation in Texas police in San Antonio are checking on whether -- -- he may have abused a young boy he took with him to the Alamo Bowl in 1999. The school's board of trustees is launching its own investigation a special committee will look into this circumstance. That led to indictments. -- as well as two senior university officials healing cannot occur until we understand. Our responsibilities. To these children fail. Legendary coach Joseph Paterno who was fired as a result of the scandal. Will not attend Saturday's game so as not to cause an unwelcome distraction for the new interim coach Tom Bradley. They take his job with very mixed emotions -- we queried the whistle blower who witnessed an alleged child sex assault by sandusky in 2002. Won't be at the game either the university asked him to stay away after receiving multiple threats. -- reported what he sought to Paterno but he did not intervene or -- police. Penn State cancel its pregame pep rally scheduled for tonight instead there's going to be a candlelight vigil for the alleged victims. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York. President Obama is paying his respects to fallen soldiers on this veterans day. He visited Arlington national cemetery and laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. Nearly one point four million US troops have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002. And a total of 2.3 million troops have been deployed since the 9/11 attacks.

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