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3:03 | 11/14/11

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Professional basketball players have rejected the NBA's latest offer and have begun the process of disbanding their union. Today's decision likely jeopardizes this year's season in its latest offer the league proposed a 72 game season beginning December 15. Owners wanted to keep more of the -- at nearly four billion dollars in basketball revenue to themselves. And they sought a system where even the smallest market clubs could compete believing the current system would always favored the teams with the biggest bank -- Union executives say they are prepared to file an anti trust lawsuit against the NBA. Police have moved hundreds of anti Wall Street protesters out of a park in downtown Oakland and so far there's been no violent push back. Protesters say however while they can no longer spend nights in the park and -- -- occupied movement will continue. Oakland officials stepped up calls for an end to their -- encampment after a man was shot and killed last week near the camp and the tide may be turning for Occupy Wall Street in cities across the country officials are turning up the heat on protesters. Many of whom have been camped out for two months ABC's Paul -- even as more. In Oakland California the tension is rising as police step up patrols warning protesters to move out. Or else a lot of people felt like it was -- time down. A lot of us that we will not lead into the -- There have been violent confrontations and a deadly shooting -- -- exactly the kind of thing officials elsewhere say they want to avoid this isn't a game. This is real life and and people's lives and safety are at stake here on on all sides and in Portland police in riot gear and keep the parks and faced off with crowds of angry protesters. And after a woman was sexually assaulted in Philadelphia. The mayor they are called the situation intolerable. Occupy Philly has changed. We're seeing serious health and safety issues playing out on almost a daily basis the people. Of occupied -- have also changed. In their intentions have changed. In San Francisco officials say one police officer was slashed with a knife when protesters -- During a march. Things were largely quiet overnight but after a weekend of tense confrontation the mood is much different this morning. Paul -- even for ABC news New York. Despite prodding from President Obama members about congressional super committee -- not yet reached a deficit deal. With only ten days remaining before their deadline the panel remains sharply divided over how to meet their goal. Of one point two trillion dollars or more in deficit cuts over the next decade. The same basic differences remain which involved. Finding a mutually agreeable blend of tax increases and cuts in the largest government benefit programs.

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