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3:41 | 11/17/11

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Occupy Wall Street protesters are back on a move today across the country and in New York City where they stormed the financial district. And even tried to get into the stock exchange. ABC's TJ Winick has more. It's being called a day of action marking two months since the Occupy Wall Street movement was born. -- -- -- And 99%. Every claim I got this news. The protesters say they feel re energized after this city swept there's a body part behind me here -- clear -- them tense. Early Tuesday morning. They tried to get close to the New York Stock Exchange back. But police out in full force did not let them get anywhere near it. -- today the demonstrators plan to occupy subway stations all around the big double and march across the Brooklyn Bridge. Crackdowns on the -- demonstrators have been playing out across the country. In San Francisco protesters stormed a Bank of America driving employees out the door. -- -- -- -- -- -- In Dallas police evicted dozens of protesters from their campsite near City Hall this morning citing public safety and hygiene issues. Arresting those who refused to leave. And in Seattle and 84 year old woman became the face of the national Occupy Wall Street movement. After she was hit with pepper spray during a protest Tuesday efforts to contain the occupied movement have spread across the Atlantic. -- -- officials -- eviction notices to protest tents outside saint Paul's cathedral they're telling demonstrators there to shut down the camp. Or face legal action. TJ Winick ABC news New York. At least six people have been killed and dozens more injured as a powerful storm system swept across the southeastern US. Tornadoes ripped across four states in the worst outbreak of storms -- tornadoes killed 250. People in April. ABC's Karen Travers has the latest. Yesterday's powerful twisters cut a path of destruction across the southeast seasons Louisiana -- North Carolina -- -- we do was get about -- Fareed. Would protect us there were reports of up to 24 tornadoes in 24 hours at least six people have been reported dead. A quilt of storms struck just before dinner time catching residents completely unaware. The strongest tornado ripped a 27 mile long stretch through Alabama and Georgia winds of up to 135. Miles per hour. Reported that. Also has kept getting bigger and bigger it. Winds -- that really heavy winds of more than a hundred miles per hour ripped a Louisiana home apart. Forcing it fifty feet off its foundation. If -- put -- -- my -- and how they all get lifted up any Dallas arts and I just felt like I was on a roller coaster. Rescuers work through the night searching in the darkness for survivors. A woman trapped in her home in North Carolina was pulled from under the debris in tree -- She's -- she's. I don't know can -- -- she's -- Tornado season is usually in the spring but it's not unusual for a second peak it activity in the fall. What is unusual is the number of tornadoes in November the weather doesn't follow the calendar at the wet -- follows ingredients. Low level warmth moisture and energy were all part of yesterday's toxic recipe. Karen Travers ABC news.

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