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3:45 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for ABC News Update
After a Big -- -- earlier this week on the East Coast many cities across the country are warming up. ABC's Duarte Geraldine -- has more what's causing all -- wild weather. The went to warm up as many people in the midwest and plains states wondering where MI fitness like Florida and it's not asking. But it is Nebraska where the average temperatures should be in the twenties on Thursday it was in the upper sixties in the Moines Iowa -- -- 65. In Rapid City, South Dakota are higher temperature than in Miami Florida. And -- Alexandria Minnesota people lost their coach says the temperature hit 54. Three audited current featured. Golfers in Missouri took full advantage of the weather. Several factors -- causing this winter warm up. Cooler Pacific waters known as La Nina are pushing the jet -- further -- causing mild dry weather in the south and southwest. And then there's Arctic oscillation index like offense strapping cold weather keeping the midwest warm that fans can unexpectedly still cold air south. Scientists say global warming is also playing a role while the strange weather pattern is a blessing -- -- It's a gift from god no frost -- -- to deal with warming is expected to make snow -- worse. The atmosphere is holding more moisture the storms can tap into more moisture so when it is cold -- -- to snow. We would expect to see heavier snowfall events. Get -- -- whether you -- lasts a storm is coming in the Gulf of Mexico that should make you feel like winner again. What did you -- for ABC news New York. A good sign for the economy today the nation's unemployment rate dropped to eight point 5% its lowest level in nearly three years. ABC's Scott Goldberg has more on the report. For 200000. People it turns out December really was the most wonderful time of the year. The Labor Department says that's the number of jobs the US economy added last month. 200000 is better than expected and so was the unemployment rate which -- eight point 5%. Down two tenths of a percent from November's revised numbers -- always have this yes but reaction. Yeah we gained 200000 jobs but we need separate million to get back to where we work. The jobless rate has now fallen for four months in a row in for each of the last six months the economy has added 100000 jobs or more. That hasn't happened since April 2006. In the beginning of 2012. I will be. -- Jack mark court is one of December's winners he landed a consulting job after four months without work. It's -- fabulous let's say late Christmas present and it's a great way to assert the new year. The government's jobs report follows several volleys of good news. Payroll company ADP says private employers added 325000. Jobs in December. -- small businesses are bouncing back the manufacturing sector is growing and consumer confidence is getting stronger. We need to have jobs growing -- 200000. Per month. But it's nowhere near enough to make up for all the ground we lost in 2008. Nine. Not surprisingly the White House is welcoming the December jobs report calling it further evidence the economy is healing after the worst economic downturn. Since the Great Depression but president Obama's team cautions people not to read too much into one reports. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York. For the first time ever digital music sales topped in store album sales in 2011. They were up more than 8% for a total of fifty. Point 3%. By the way Lady Gaga had the most digital downloads of any artist and -- album 21 was the top seller both online and in stores.

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