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4:14 | 01/26/12

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Shares of Netflix soared today up 22%. In fact for most of the day. That's because the company says it added more than 600000. Subscribers just in the last quarter and that's almost as many customers that -- lost after a series of poorly received changes in price hikes. It's going to be the beginning of a comeback for the company that according to Matt messed up from Yahoo! finance has to say. Certainly it it is a viable business -- profitable we -- Take a very -- short term look at this thing over a couple of quarters and you know look at the volatility of the stock look at the volatility of their business but you know they're they're doing the right thing. Netflix has nearly 25 million subscribers in the US and has also started making a push and other markets like Britain. Foreclosure -- of a smaller slice of all US home sales sold in last year's third quarter. That all as banks delayed putting properties up for sale but despite the decline foreclosures still. Represented 20%. Of all homes sold from July through September. About four times more than during the housing boom went 700000 homes across the US are in some stage of foreclosure. New jobless claims are yet again on the rise the Labor Department says 377000. People filed new claims last week. That's up 21000. From the prior week but that have been the lowest number in nearly four years. The US is added at least a 100000 jobs in each of the last six months and the unemployment rate is now at eight and a half percent its lowest level. In nearly three years. After three terrifying months in captivity rescued American aid worker Jessica Buchanan. Is at a US base in Italy today Buchanan. As the tearing thyroid condition after being checked up by -- -- she is reportedly. Doing well he -- TJ Winick has more on the daring rescue mission that -- her. And another worker. Jessica Buchanan has arrived at a US military base in Italy to reunite with loved ones. After three terror fight months as a hostage of Somali pirates as she says feel safe for the first time 93 days. The 32 year old Buchanan was kidnapped in October along with fellow aid worker sixty year old Paul fisted seen here in a proof of life video. -- But Tuesday night seal team six the same -- -- US navy unit that killed Osama bin Laden swooped in. Within minutes of arriving at the encampment in northern Somalia gunfire erupted between them and the kidnappers. The -- quickly killed all nine of the heavily armed men. By approximately 2:30 AM local time the hostages were back in US hands on board Blackhawk helicopters. Such answered all the -- I can hurt -- learn how thankful I really thought they do it but what they did it. It's suspected Jessica's deteriorating thyroid condition may have influenced the timing of the highly classified operation labeled octave fusion. Dave Buchanan believes his knees will continue to travel anywhere she believes she can make a difference kill -- -- and -- And Nash's -- -- people nuts or isn't she was there just a couple. The kidnappers had been demanding ransom in exchange for the hostages they've been dealing with Danish representative says the US government. Refuses to negotiate with terrorists. TJ Winick ABC news New York. Major budget cuts at the Pentagon army announced today as the Defense Secretary tried to deflect talk of actually weakening the military. Secretary Leon Panetta is expected to call for a 30% increase in the use of drones and a greater reliance on special forces the goal. To offset major budget cuts including the elimination of 80000. Army soldiers. With an election year battle looming in congress a political hot potato from the financial meltdown is expected to pop up. US taxpayers are still a vote about a 133. Billion dollars from a financial bailout of 2008. The government watchdogs now -- that some of that money in fact we'll never be recovered.

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