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5:00 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for ABC News Update
President Obama is talking about states today speaking at the national prayer breakfast. The president said he relies on his face and values to guide his work on the nation's most urgent problems. And that includes the economy. The GOP presidential candidates have taken the battle -- -- campaigning in Nevada before this Saturday's primary. Despite some controversial remarks about poor people Mitt Romney appears to be pulling way ahead of the pack here's ABC's Karen Travers. Donald Trump -- ultimate showman -- -- the presidential run himself. But today -- announced that he's putting his money on a sure bet. The millionaire businessman more formally lent his support to Mitt Romney added event in Las Vegas this afternoon. Endorsement comes as Romney has started to solidify his front -- status once again. A new poll out of Nevada shows him with a huge lead there heading in the Saturday's caucuses. After his convincing win in Florida on Tuesday Romney immediately shift his focus is -- in Obama. We need leadership for this country and we don't have it now in our president but he didn't have much time to bask in the glow of the sunshine state victory. Yesterday Romney was asked and CNN about a new poll that showed more voters believe President Obama. Understands the needs of average Americans he got his response. I'm in this race -- I care about. Americans I'm not concerned about the very poor we have a safety net there after its deeds -- apparel fix -- they're running was pressed to clarify he's not really concerned about the very -- My campaign. Is focused on middle income Americans Gingrich saw an opening and I am concerned about all of the American people. While conservatives cringe at this latest Romney -- he makes himself a target with this stuff. He comes across as the proto typical rich Republican. It's unclear how much Donald Trump's endorsement will actually help Mitt Romney with voters but there -- then we'll certainly dominate the headlines. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. Attorney general Eric Holder got quite a grilling by a house committee investigating operates in fast and furious which ended up getting guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Holder says he did not have knowledge of the operation. And that angered -- top Republican Jason chase at. It you may say we're not having face to face discussion which troubles me I don't carry -- Democrat or Republican big idea that you're -- Not being informed and not having conversation because you're afraid of coming to congress is troublesome -- police I'm not afraid to come in congress I've been here six I know but if you're not being informed so you purposely -- Can claim ignorance on the issue that is a problem. Holder is also facing a contempt of congress threat from committee chairman Darrell ice for failing to turn over congressionally subpoenaed documents. I say is alleging a cover up. Announced job cuts jumped 28%. Last month reaching more than 53000. According to outplacement firm challenger gray and Christmas. The firm says January is historically be heaviest job cuts month. As companies put off their layoffs until after the holidays but this January's losses where the lowest on record. The Obama administration is taking steps to change the rules covering 401K plans. The treasury and Labor Department's proposed regulations would require financial institutions to be more trans parent about the fees they charged to employers. They would also streamline the process of transferring 401K funds to defined benefit plants. There's been -- major announcement about the war in Afghanistan the US combat mission may be wrapping up one year earlier than expected. Under a new military plan US combat troops would leave Afghanistan by the end of next year. US has close to 90000 troops in Afghanistan right now that number will drop to 68000. By this fall after the return of all extra surge troops. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says trainers and advisors will remain in the country -- 24 -- Even as the Obama administration says it's close to defeating al-Qaeda the size of the government's so called no fly list has more than doubled in the past year. The Associated Press has learned that the list of suspected terrorists swelled from 101000 to 21000. US counterterrorism officials as much of the increase. Is due to changes President Obama called for after an attempted terror attack on Christmas 2009. An airport surveillance video has confirmed -- fear shared by many passengers sometimes those TSA agents do steal from us. Police and agents -- 5000. Dollars front passenger's jacket as it was going through an X ray conveyor -- at JFK. The video shows agent Alexander Schmidt wrapping the cash and a plastic glove and taking it to a bathroom to cash hasn't been recovered. The TSA agent has been arrested.

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