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4:01 | 02/27/12

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At least one student has died following this morning's shooting at a high school outside Cleveland Ohio. Five students were shot -- -- in high school officials say the gunman. Believed to be a student used a handgun a teacher chased the suspect out of the building and the suspect leader turned himself. Into a passer by. Chart and is about thirty miles east of Cleveland. We're finding out more about what may have caused a deadly. Elevator accident in New York City back in December an investigation. Just released says an important elevator safety mechanism was turned off. The system would have prevented the elevator from moving -- -- stores were open it was disabled just hours before a woman was crushed. Between the elevator car and -- wall. President Obama and the nation's governors are talking about ways to increase job growth and improve relations with federal government. There at the White House for the final day of the National Governors Association winter meeting. Republican governors are planning a news conference later democratic governors met with the president on Friday. To discuss improving the manufacturing sector it. He said they were enthusiastic about that conversation. Republican candidate Mitt Romney is in the fight of his political life. On the day before the Michigan primary it's Romney's home state. -- a -- could seriously derail his campaign beyond repair but most polls show Romney has pulled ahead of Santorum. I just a few points in Michigan the race still very tight right. Santorum is still in striking range of Mitt Romney and he's hitting the campaign trail hard in northern Michigan to deliver upset with rival. But controversial remarks once again have Santorum defending himself the latest. His assertion that it's the latest to say all kids should go to college. It's not getting any better at the gas pumps if you've noticed gasoline prices keep heading up even though there's no shortage that problem is crude oil prices are high. With worries Iran might shut down or withhold its production. The average price for a gallon of regular this morning is 37. Fire broke out on an Italian cruise ship leaving it without power and a pirate infested waters of the Indian Ocean. The fire started in the generator room and knocked out the ship's power that Costa Allegra is owned by the same company that owned it -- can cornea. The vessel that capsized in Italy last month. Tugboats from the Seychelles islands are headed to the ship that they aren't expected to reach the vessel until tomorrow afternoon. A Canadian passenger train derailed near Toronto on Sunday killing three railroad employees. -- -- people were on board the train traveling from Niagara Falls to Toronto went derails. Officials say 45 passengers also suffered injuries. The crash also cause minor damage to nearby buildings Canada's transportation safety board is investigating the accident. VP is in talks to settle damages from the gulf oil spill for fourteen billion dollars Bloomberg reports the talks are near completion. A federal judge postpones -- civil trial to allow time for settlement be reached. Pending home sales are now at their highest level in nearly two years they climbed in January to their greatest number since the government stopped offering tax credits for first time home buyers. It pending on sale is defined as a case for a buyer has signed a contract there's usually one or two month lag. Between signed contract and a completed deal. Volkswagen is once again maneuvering to -- the rest of -- VW was originally supposed to complete its purchase of force by the end of 2011. But in -- lawsuit stalled the process VW already owns 49 point 9% of course. And the companies share many technologies.

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