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3:57 | 02/28/12

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Michigan and Arizona are holding primaries today but all eyes are on Michigan Mitt Romney's home state and a must win for him. But lost to Rick Santorum could send the GOP back to the drawing board all the find a new candidate ABC's Karen Travers reports now from -- by Michigan. It's team day in Michigan. -- stakes couldn't be higher for Mitt Romney in his home state. A win even a narrow one would put him back on track to meet clean his front runner status. But a loss would be devastating setting off shockwaves through the Republican Party and throwing the race into a tailspin. -- -- is the conversations have been going on back quite doors saying we need another candidate in this race is this morning -- kept up his attacks on Rick Santorum I think he's an economic lightweight I don't think he understands the process of job creating. Last night Santorum told his supporters they couldn't really shake up this race do something -- Shocked the established. Michigan has an open primary which means any registered voter can head to the polls today including Democrats. Santorum's campaign is stirring up a little eleventh hour controversy. Robo calls to Democrats to get them out to vote. Against Romney. Romney supported the bail outs for his walls -- billionaire buddies. But oppose the auto bailouts that was just slap in the face every Michigan workers and -- not -- let Romney get away with it. That message leaves out of critical -- -- Santorum also oppose the auto bailout. The money -- being called the outreach to Democrats out Regis. It's a confusing people it's hits a new low in this campaign and one of the things that. I think governor Romney is people say no we can't attract Democrats well guess what we'll -- and say. Romney said today he's not gonna light his hair on fire just a rally conservatives. But he admitted that some it is raising gas on the trail have hurt his campaign. Karen Travers ABC news know by Michigan. Officials announcing a powerless Italian cruise ship will not reach land before tomorrow. The coast -- Allegra is being toe -- the pirate infested Indian Ocean toward the Seychelles islands. He lost power after a fire in the engine room BBC reporter Peter vials reports. The Costa Allegra ran into trouble southwest of the -- shells while sailing from Madagascar. A fire in the generates -- room calls to ship to lose all power. The fire was extinguished but the vessel now has no air conditioning -- cooking facilities. Today the 636. Passengers was the cold breakfast has the -- was towed towards the -- sales. We have no reports of anyone being seen all homes as far as we're aware -- the situation is very calm. That the captain is in control of the -- It's been a bad gift for the company Costa cruises -- face it cost to Concord Vieira ran aground and capsized off the coast of Italy in January. Nineteen year old James Thomas worked on the ship and was rescued. His sister Rebecca is -- -- are on the Costa Allegra the latest vessel to get into difficulty. Their mother Jane is once again waiting for news at home in Sutton Cofield. -- Stephanie just want to go under the -- just amendment but then how Rebecca will -- -- if she was to choose to continue her career on the shape. Then -- will -- -- holiday visit -- in April that job. -- -- -- in -- the head of Costa cruises nautical operations. Percent to helicopter will fly supplies and communications equipment to be Allegra. That he got political when he got to -- -- Wednesday. The ship doesn't appear to be in any danger but the priority is to get the passengers -- -- Somali pirates operate foreign wide in the Indian Ocean handled -- they've never cease to cruise ship. Members of the Italian navy's antipiracy units are on board as a precaution. Peter -- BBC news.

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