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3:51 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for ABC News Update
Actor Russell Brand was arrested in New Orleans over a confrontation with the photographer. Brand turned himself in in posted bail after police issued an arrest warrant. Tanzi says -- snatched a -- phone and throw -- out a window. On Wednesday brand tweeted that Steve Jobs die he can't quote -- to see -- -- use an iPhone you reverently. -- that means brand has reportedly reimburse the photographer for the cost of the device. One day down nearly fourteen more years to go Rod Blagojevich has begun his time as a federal prisoner. The former Illinois governor started his sentence yesterday. -- -- walked into a low security prison just outside Denver he was convicted on eighteen counts including charges that he tried to sell president Obama's senate seat. Blagojevich says he has faith and then he'll be released early on appeal. President Obama hits the road today attending campaign events in Chicago and Atlanta. The president's strategy in his reelection bid includes a seventeen minute film. Which reviews his first term in office in at a never before seen clip of former President Bill Clinton defending the auto bailout. And the region closed all these card leadership's he killed all these auto parts suppliers. People have no earthly idea what would have happened not only to the economy but to our self image. The road we've traveled that's what the films called was released last night at 300 screenings across the country. It Ronnie travels to Puerto Rico today ahead of the primary there on Sunday the businessman and former governor has deep pockets but the long and messy campaign is starting to strain even his finances. If you crunch the numbers Romney has spent about 90000 dollars for each delegate he's one. His closest competitor Rick Santorum -- spent about 29000. Bucks per delicate. Fallout from the deaths of sixteen Afghan civilians at the hands of the US soldier -- continued on both sides the world today. As ABC's Karen Travers reports the murderers have cut an even deeper divide between governments and the people of Afghanistan the United States. He's accused of a horrific crime a shooting Rampage that left sixteen Afghans dead. And today we're learning new. 38 year old army soldier and father has snapped. The day before the incident the suspects -- friend had his leg blown off his attorney said Sunday. His name will be released to the public once -- charge which may not happen until next week. He could be facing multiple murder charges that will likely carry the death. After three deployments to Iraq the soldier did not want to go to Afghanistan. Was originally told his -- Would not happen he and family were told that it is too. We were over. And literally overnight change. The soldier had been injured twice during his deployments to Iraq a concussion and a serious injury to the bullet that resulted in the removal of part of it. -- according to his attorney the suspect's family was shocked when he heard the news of the shooting Rampage. -- Antagonistic about. On this incident follows the controversial Toronto -- involving US soldiers last month. ABC news. Ritter who works at the US military how angry are Afghans are dinner so I'm Greece but -- cannot that he thinks. The suspect was flown from Afghanistan to Kuwait and is expected to arrive at Fort Leavenworth Kansas that's the military's only maximum security prison. Afghan officials are upset that he was allowed to leave the country. Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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