Afghan Massacre: Video From Shooting Scene

U.S. soldier allegedly killed families in their homes in Afghanistan.
3:13 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Afghan Massacre: Video From Shooting Scene
The news that American soldier accused of putting on his night vision goggles and then methodically going door to door. Killing children and families in their homes in Afghanistan. It is a slaughter that threatens the already fragile -- airing tonight we are learning more about who he is. But we Begin with ABC's -- different in Kabul and exclusive new viewed video from that village in shock. Americans and Afghans agree on this much this crime was unforgivable. It was a methodical massacre sixteen civilians including nine children. Most shot through the head their bodies wrapped in blankets and -- -- -- these children -- upon this woman is this two year old. -- -- The shooter identified as a 38 year old staff sergeant slipped away from his base at 2 AM armed with at least two weapons. He walks out more than a mile and began stocking door to door. He -- the first house wearing night vision -- in the dark he killed four Afghans. And he shot this sport. But at McDonald's I jumped under the bed and that's when he fired at me he says telling this story over the phone to president -- In a second house the shooter killed a daughter mother and grandmother in gathered -- -- little boys and four little girls and killed every one. Eleven dead in one stamp. That I can't let it couldn't have imagined that it out entire generations he says -- -- the shooter stopped one last time to kill an unarmed man. Then he -- returned it was based -- turned himself in. It was all over in less than an hour and a half. I'm not like many this man was so shocked he couldn't speak. The US had actually been winning here the locals were being won over. But now two months after Marines urinated on Tolle -- corpses. Three weeks after Americans burn -- That trust and court has fans. The Americans are our enemy he says and they will remain -- -- -- not how do you move forward at this point trying to regain that. -- killing innocent -- civilians in this sleep. Is unforgivable but we have to look at to what -- the circumstances. But there are no circumstances that can explain away these mergers. And tonight Diane there's fear the anger will spread and that people who have been supporting the US in Kandahar could turn to the column on. All right NIC thank you and as you know officials have been up all night in the United States. Worried about the repercussions at the UN secretary of state Hillary Clinton seemed to be groping. Four words. This was a terrible. Awful I can't even. Imagine. The impact on the families. And President Obama phoned Afghan President Hamid Karzai in the middle of the night there in Afghanistan so eager to express his condolences and today President Obama said. Despite these tragic events America should not quote rush for the exits in Afghanistan.

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{"id":15905893,"title":"Afghan Massacre: Video From Shooting Scene","duration":"3:13","description":"U.S. soldier allegedly killed families in their homes in Afghanistan.","url":"/WNT/video/afghan-massacre-video-shooting-scene-15905893","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}