Afghan Unrest: New Grenade Attack in Kunduz

Four Americans dead and 10 injured in the deepening crisis in Afghanistan.
2:30 | 02/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Afghan Unrest: New Grenade Attack in Kunduz
The manhunt for the trusted Afghan officer who took payment to American officers this weekend and killed them. After getting past several security checkpoints -- his credentials and then pulling out his weapon. It happened inside but was supposed to be secure facility in Kabul. And late today we learn the name of one of the men killed 44 year old lieutenant colonel John Loftus of Paducah conducting. And tonight here Whiting has spread for a six day in a row of violent reaction to the US military mistakenly burning copies of the Koran. Two other Americans were killed in those rights bringing the total of four Americans dead ten injured as this crisis deepens. ABC's -- -- and start this off again tonight from Koppel that. David tonight there is a crisis of trust here. Afghans are still furious over the -- -- Iran. Americans are furious over the deaths and injuries of it filters and neither side seems to know what to do to stop the violence. Afghan fury has one target. US soldiers. Today in an area far from -- about safe havens protesters threw a grenade onto -- US base injuring ten. It's been up to Afghan police to defend the bases and it's up to them to solve one of the most chilling case of fratricide. In ten years of war. Today we learn more about the man who killed two US soldiers point blank. Afghan officials tell ABC news he was one of the drivers for the interior ministry. He was authorized to carry a gun and had access to the -- most secure areas. Investigators say he isn't -- bond but went to the kind of religious school in Pakistan. It is produced many militants. They traced his cell phone today and he -- was in Kabul until noon but in the Trace went cold -- anything that you can do to guarantee. This. Won't happen again this will take time the only guarantee is time we have been a trying to. To clean our forces out of these abandonment and intelligence. For US forces that presents a dilemma can they trust and cooperate with their Afghan partners today. The military coalition here known as -- staff says yes. The biggest sign all. Very good cooperation was given to us by the Afghan National Police who stood with excellence between demonstrators and -- forces. Over an entire week. For the Afghan side they wanna know they can trust that the US won't -- -- -- more crimes the US says it's conducting sensitivity training. And says this week it will release the results of the investigation into why the -- were burned. Hoping that that can call some of the fury.

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{"id":15796812,"title":"Afghan Unrest: New Grenade Attack in Kunduz","duration":"2:30","description":"Four Americans dead and 10 injured in the deepening crisis in Afghanistan. ","url":"/WNT/video/afghan-unrest-grenade-attack-kunduz-four-americans-dead-injured-koran-burning-afghanistan-international-15796812","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}