Afghanistan Shooting Suspect's Wife Makes Plea

Wife of Sgt. Robert Bales responds to husband's alleged killing spree.
3:11 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Afghanistan Shooting Suspect's Wife Makes Plea
The soldier accused of that massacre in Afghanistan. For the first time. We are hearing from his wife. Late today she sent a message to the country and the world about her husband saying she is quote. Trying to make sense of some think that makes no sense at all. Tonight staff Sargent Robert bails us in solitary confinement at Fort Leavenworth prison -- -- emerged from a meeting with him today reportedly saying. He has amnesia about the horrific attack. ABC's Neal Karlinsky is on this story for us tonight Neil. Diane Sargent Dale's attorney met with his -- face to face at Fort Leavenworth for the first time today he says it was extremely emotional. He also says that his client claims that he has amnesia that. He doesn't remember -- thing about the attacks even as that soldier's wife is now speaking out. For the very first time. In her first public statement Sargent Robert bill's wife Carolyn writes what has been reported is completely out of character of the man I know and admire. She released this statement as movers -- the house she's been forced to flee. For protection on base. The pain inevitably inflicted in war she says should never be an excuse to inflict yet more pain the cycle must be broken we must find peace. Today still so many questions before sergeant -- was locked up in solitary confinement at Fort Leavenworth. Before he was it decorated soldier doing for tours of duty before he was a husband and father of two. He was simply Bobby. A -- in Ohio. It's like you're talking about two totally different people you're not an every older woman on the street calls him my body. Not females you don't know who Bobby -- is it's my body. Former NFL player Marc Edwards describes himself as one appeals best friends and in his statement today he writes. I viewed him as a person with enormous integrity courage and loyalty. But -- life was complicated and -- new details. RA BC Cincinnati affiliate reporting that in 2000 while working as a financial advisor and Ohio. -- was accused of cheating one couple lot of their life savings in order to pay them one and a half million dollars in restitution. Money that was never paid. The very next year just two months after the 9/11 attacks. He enlisted in the army. He served three tours of duty in Iraq and -- fierce combat. All at home his family was facing serious financial problems his wife a public relations and marketing executive -- -- -- -- -- -- Your money comes you -- -- that. -- -- -- -- Indeed not much can explain what could have driven Bobby -- to allegedly put on his night vision goggles sneak off base and -- sixteen people including nine children. In cold blood. Caroline bales says she too wants to know what happened how this could be. -- bales says she's not concerned for her own family's safety but she does appreciate the effort the military -- put forth. As for Sargent -- charges haven't been filed yet but it is expected to be a death penalty case the first time since 1961.

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{"id":15957217,"title":"Afghanistan Shooting Suspect's Wife Makes Plea","duration":"3:11","description":"Wife of Sgt. Robert Bales responds to husband's alleged killing spree.","url":"/WNT/video/afghanistan-shooting-suspects-wife-makes-plea-15957217","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}