Air Marshals Come Forward on Misconduct

Air marshals break silence regarding culture of unprofessional behavior.
2:59 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Air Marshals Come Forward on Misconduct
And ABC news investigation tonight whistle blowers have come out of the shadows speaking exclusively to ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. They are air marshals and trusted with keeping Americans safe on planes their ranks have swelled since nine elevenths. And now several of them are here's to say what they are seeing behind the scenes as Brian Ross brings us the story. Their job is to keep the skies safe from terrorists. After a rambling arm and income -- there are about 4000 -- -- trained with second decision. Sure yeah. -- former and current air marshals including these three who cannot show their faces. Tell ABC news of the agency is plagued by managerial incompetence and outrageous misconduct that jeopardizes safety. I expect. My federal law enforcement officers to set the bar. Not to act like a bunch of school kid punks run around the college fraternity. Over the last five years air marshals have been documented the bad behavior of their bosses. This photo shows a supervisor caught sound asleep on a flight armed with a loaded gun. Now you need to know is that terrorist gets all that gun. He's got a -- got on that airplane. In the Orlando office former Marshal Steve few vocalists discovered that supervisors had created their own distorted version of jeopardy. Had discriminating remarks playing a game with racial and sexist slurs -- as humiliating categories for minority and gay air marshals the culture is. Hate African Americans hate females go after gays and lesbians because we don't like the way they think. Members of congress say such behavior raises questions about the judgment maturity and professionalism. Of air marshals involved. This behavior went well over the line this is unprofessional. This is unacceptable. Florida senator Bill Nelson asked for a full inspector general's investigation of the air marshals two years ago according to an advance copy of the report due out this week obtained by ABC news the inspector general found. A great deal of tension and mistrust that created distraction at all levels at a time when mission temple is Heidi. If you do not have people operating at their peak efficiency. Then you take the risk that terrorists. Is gonna get away -- its dirty. The official over. -- the air marshals John -- -- told ABC news today that security was absolutely not compromised. The bad behavior some of the agency's air marshals and that he had already addressed most of the issues. The inspector general's report also found that 76%. Of the air -- surveyed agreed with that. But that's still seemed to leave about one in four air marshals who seem to think all these high -- Have put safety and security at risk -- and thanks Brian and you'll have all of your investigation coming up tonight on Nightline be sure to watch.

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{"id":15534410,"title":"Air Marshals Come Forward on Misconduct","duration":"2:59","description":"Air marshals break silence regarding culture of unprofessional behavior.","url":"/WNT/video/air-marshals-forward-misconduct-15534410","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}