America, Iran Find Common Ground on the Wrestling Mat

On the eve of nuclear talks, international athletes square off in friendly competition.
2:23 | 02/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for America, Iran Find Common Ground on the Wrestling Mat
Talk about a surprise encounter overseas. We head to iran on the eve of nuclear talks where abc's david muir found himself in a room with the volatile president and david joins us from tehran to tell us more. Reporter: Here on the streets of tehran, nuclear tensions mounting even before the talks start. We learned today of something that never happens here, a moment in which iran and america were sharing the same stage. After several requests, hours much waiting, we were allowed in. Suddenly we hear an unfamiliar introduction. From the united states -- Reporter: The u.S. Team being announced. But at the door, one more delay for us. Guards tell us our female producer can't go in. She cannot come. No women. No. Reporter: But we keep asking and they finally allow her in. One of the only women in the entire arena. A handshake from one of the american coaches who recognizes us. On the matt, americans already competing in front of iran. The signs side by side in english and arabic. "We are all wrestling fans." And in the corner -- jordan burroughs who trained in nebraska for the olympics, beating iran for the gold. And still when his name is called here -- from the united states of america -- the cheers are deafening. And just listen to them chanting his name. Reporter: This american cheered on even here. And jordan wins again. A message with impeccable timing because soon after, an entrance. The iranian president waving to the crowd, watching iranian and americans here in tehran. How are you? Reporter: And in the crowd, fans welcoming us to iran, so many of them surprised when we tell them we're from the american broadcasting company. One little boy reaching out with In the end here, the iranian team emerging with the gold, the u.S. Team with bronze, jordan holding that trophy. Suddenly, a nod from the president when he noticed our crew from america, but it was the next gesture on that stage iranians rarely see here, a handshake to that team from america, from a leader locked in a long-standing nuclear steal mate with the u.S. And much of the world.

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{"id":18571293,"title":"America, Iran Find Common Ground on the Wrestling Mat","duration":"2:23","description":"On the eve of nuclear talks, international athletes square off in friendly competition.","url":"/WNT/video/america-iran-find-common-ground-wrestling-mat-18571293","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}