Bank Protests Surge and Go Global

Demonstrators surge in Times Square, protest in Berlin and set fires in Rome.
1:54 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Bank Protests Surge and Go Global
That is coming in from all over the world as those protests against Wall Street the big banks corporations keep growing. This weekend demonstrators surged to the Times Square here in new York and overseas they headed straight for the barricades in Berlin and in Rome they set fires. It's now -- a month since this began -- tonight here ABC's TJ Winick with a look at the protest -- the numbers and we ask here what is the end game. 15100. Protesters showed up that very first day outside of history -- you noticed -- Yesterday 6000. Marched from Wall Street to Times Square. And that was just. War so Cuba in fifty cities in this country of them joined the protest. Around the world it's more than a thousand cities. They've been mostly peaceful approved this clash Saturday. Rome Reuters shattered windows and set cars on fire. -- says it. Cost them one point four million dollars to tighten up the mess. Back on Wall Street -- started they say they've already spent 3.4 million dollars in overtime. -- Wall Street agreed to speak for 99% of Americans. That. Top 1% now holds almost 36%. Of the nation's total wealth this as most Americans struggle. The US unemployment rate frozen at nine point 1%. Perhaps up like 37% of Americans according to a recent poll support the protesters. And TJ -- with us here in the desk in New York you've been covering this for weeks now downtown -- here in Manhattan what do they tell you when you ask them. What is the end game here -- David when you cover these rallies you know the protesters tell you they want bank reform and tax reform but when you -- them. On how to make that happen their answers are. Considerably more vague but one thing is clear these folks are not going away anytime soon -- would have -- us tonight TJ thanks.

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{"id":14749543,"title":"Bank Protests Surge and Go Global ","duration":"1:54","description":"Demonstrators surge in Times Square, protest in Berlin and set fires in Rome. ","url":"/WNT/video/bank-protests-surge-global-times-square-protest-berlin-set-fires-rome-world-news-14749543","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}