Banks Back Down From Fees

JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup are among big banks avoiding debit card fees.
2:00 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Banks Back Down From Fees
Score one for a customer rebellion. We learned today that some of the biggest banks in this country are backing down. From their plan to impose new fees they are reacting to the anger from customers harnessed by one young woman who said enough. Is enough ABC's Matt -- has the story. -- catch -- from Washington DC I'm twenty years old mark and two part time jobs I don't happen. An extra sixty dollars a year they have to think and act that she's a modern day deep trying to take down the big bank the -- Her outrage over that five dollar monthly fee for using -- debit card launched an online petition against Bank of America. -- today that petition. As almost 300000. Signatures. Earlier this month when corner Bank of America CEO Brian -- and to ask about -- campaign what good has. -- a couple questions -- He didn't seem to understand the uproar. If you banking and you had your bank start start charging -- -- thing. At the -- for. Of things that we will start next. My customers. Just yesterday the -- -- CEO told employees he was incensed by the bad press. But won't budge on the new fees not simple at other banks JPMorgan Chase with 26 and a half million checking account is the biggest to -- -- Saying it will drop its eight month trial of debit fees next week others like US bank city and key bank are holding the line on debit card fees for now. What we heard from our clients was put out a clear voice. Tough times for consumers. And when they get fees they feel Nickels and -- -- catch poles -- seems to have war just moments ago sources told ABC news Bank of America is quote refining exhibit. Making it easier to avoid the fees altogether. Maybe this time -- it will get that banking Goliath after all. That got -- ABC news Kansas City, Missouri mark.

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{"id":14839000,"title":"Banks Back Down From Fees","duration":"2:00","description":"JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup are among big banks avoiding debit card fees.","url":"/WNT/video/banks-back-fees-14839000","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}