Barbara Walters' Farewell

Barbara Walters' favorite unforgettable moments throughout her five decades on TV.
2:46 | 05/17/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters' Farewell
you watched her story, Barbara Walters in her own words last night. So many of you tweeting about those hard questions we watched all over again. When you see how Americans today don't trust their leader, did you feel responsibility. Does it bother you today when people say Ronald Reagan is the president of the rich? How important is it for the president to be a role model? Was it worth it if there were no weapons of mass destruction. Reporter: Barbara interviewed every president since Richard Nixon and kept so many of those questions framed. Welcome to the hallway of my home. Of course you recognize him. This was on air force one with bill Clinton. Did you really say you were sorry you didn't inhale? I was trying to say that I actually tried. I wasn't trying to exonerate myself when I said I didn't inhale. I had an allergy and couldn't do it. Another president, George W. Bush, at his ranch in Texas before his inauguration. The U.S. Civil rights commission has called the elections in Florida a disaster? Why? Because the wrong person won? I'm not sure but that's what they said. What do you say to the people who say that you didn't win the election but that the supreme court handed it to you? I say that they didn't watch the recounts. Every time they recounted, I won. Reporter: So many of you tweeting me about her grit. Norma writing, amazing strong woman with more than a back bone bold, electrifying and unafraid to ask the questions. Christian tweeting, it's amazing to see how many people she interviewed and held her ground. She rocked. Here a very relaxed Richard Nixon. He was no more relaxed and nor was I when I interviewed him after watergate. Why don't we get serious. Because I think people are still -- I am serious. People are interested in you. They're trying to understand you and I'm sorry that you find these questions unserious. We have a different idea perhaps of what serious is. I saved my hardest question for the very end. Are you sorry you didn't burn the tapes? Yes, I think so, because they were private conversations, subject to misinterpretation as we have all seen. Reporter: The world leaders and the leading men, Barbara revealing her crush. I had the biggest crush on Clint Eastwood. He began to flirt, and I fell apart. You would drive me nuts and I would drive you crazy because I would be saying, but, you know, didn't you or haven't you? We can try and see if it worked out. We'll start with this interview. If this is okay, maybe we'll do another interview. I think we'll stop and reload. It takes a lot to fluster Barbara, and Barbara, we miss you already.

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{"id":23765558,"title":"Barbara Walters' Farewell ","duration":"2:46","description":"Barbara Walters' favorite unforgettable moments throughout her five decades on TV.","url":"/WNT/video/barbara-walters-farewell-23765558","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}