The Best Black Friday Bargains

Becky Worley takes a look at the biggest deals of the day.
1:21 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for The Best Black Friday Bargains
What drives are those lines of he spoke of the deals out there that's what -- BC contributor -- -- tonight. Using facetime to come to us from the aisles of the best buy in San Francisco you've been there since 2 this morning -- -- hold up. I practically lived here David but the hills the hills and that's what we've got you on tonight the bottom line and three the biggest items flat screens tablets and Smartphones let's start with the flat screens. Do you buy them now or do you say wait till later. When it comes to TV's -- it's no new technology they're marketing to -- the only thing it. Against the -- drop that price TV that historically -- around Christmas and in the bottom out right -- -- -- -- Perhaps even to the Super Bowl you say -- -- the iPad everything like it now or later. By now that I've -- is on sale today online ticket go to the apple story. At best -- dot com and you get forty to 45 dollars up. Kindle fire that we -- comics they're gonna have fine now and even the Barnes & Noble -- -- twenty dollars. It's sad -- that you don't have to wait and Smartphones. When you reported earlier we just up developer chairs here with what you. Got 200 dollar android Smartphones at Amazon but if you got one of Indian lion around the house -- penny. You can get that 200 dollar phone that just a -- --

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{"id":15030278,"title":"The Best Black Friday Bargains","duration":"1:21","description":"Becky Worley takes a look at the biggest deals of the day.","url":"/WNT/video/best-black-friday-bargains-15030278","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}