Betty White's Birthday: Obama Helps Celebrate

Actress famous for roles on "Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Golden Girls" turns 90.
0:55 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Betty White's Birthday: Obama Helps Celebrate
A milestone today for the golden girl of American comedy she is ninety Betty White -- about. Looking like this as an actress on the radio and listen to her as a -- young girl in the 1930s. You don't -- didn't immediately -- -- And she's had so many careers this is her and her thirties the first woman to host a daytime talk show. And of course signature roles I'm Mary Tyler Moore show and the golden girls ash turned ninety today President Obama joined the celebration. You -- so fantastic and full of energy I can't believe -- ninety years old. In fact I don't believe it. That's why I'm writing to ask if you will be willing to produce copies of your long form birth certificate. When she's repeatedly asked for advice on how to reach -- she always twinkle -- -- try not to die.

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{"id":15382190,"title":"Betty White's Birthday: Obama Helps Celebrate","duration":"0:55","description":"Actress famous for roles on \"Mary Tyler Moore Show,\" \"Golden Girls\" turns 90.","url":"/WNT/video/betty-whites-birthday-obama-helps-celebrate-15382190","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}