Bikini Clad Women Swim With Sharks

National Geographic hopes to prove that we have little to fear from sharks.
2:08 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Bikini Clad Women Swim With Sharks
And out of some more startling video look at these women in bikinis apparently out for a casual swim with sharks. The -- we all remember from -- it's all part of a bold experiment by National Geographic designed to prove that we may not have much to fear from sharks even great white sharks. The perfect story for our intrepid Nightline co anchor Bill -- Swimmer sponsor shark just feet away. And back on the surface church here is visible and understandable and get this -- -- demonstrate do. I've seen it and it's too much for me yet -- friends choose to jump back into the water. To -- them with the site of pale flash the smell of blood and urine even the flash of jewelry. All part of a -- Spearman to prove that sharks are not some mindless man -- after all. Isn't -- I'd -- that. That's millionaires -- it let's -- there's a teller through doctor -- Johnson has the marine biologist behind this idea and by such names. He knows the great -- have muscled a better than anyone. He's used robotics seals to prove that they use light from the short hunt at night. He's even had a shark accidentally jumped into his -- But he's also seen how these predators behave themselves less than -- half mile from some of the most popular beaches and Africa. There has been an attack here in twenty years and among many locals -- -- phobia has gradually faded. Aren't you at all worried that one enable it -- all this back. And re instill -- fear. Yes something we'd we'd biblical time I shot the attacker shot -- is tragic -- -- And so Friday night -- -- his short angels into the water I'm a lot of television. Betting their limbs and his reputation -- the creature of our nightmares. It's simply. -- this understood. Bill -- ABC news -- that South Africa. And there'll be more reporting from bill later on Nightline in shark attack experiment live will -- this Friday evening on Nat geo wild.

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{"id":15020512,"title":"Bikini Clad Women Swim With Sharks","duration":"2:08","description":"National Geographic hopes to prove that we have little to fear from sharks.","url":"/WNT/video/bikini-clad-women-swim-sharks-15020512","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}