Gulf Shrimp Disappearing

Shrimpers wonder whether worst season in memory is because of BP spill.
2:02 | 10/23/11

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Transcript for Gulf Shrimp Disappearing
Ever since the BP oil disaster people who live along the Gulf of Mexico warned that this was coming and we haven't forgotten what they showed us back then. The shrimpers fishermen and oyster men pulled up those oysters more than a year ago. Showing us the oil that seeped into their catch. Well tonight we go back as they tell us now that this is one of the worst -- seasons ever. ABC's yesterday's reports now from the gulf. In forty years of -- Peter Erica has never had a sees -- this that the quality assurance there. The -- saying that. A few ducks down Wilson Martin says he's catching a quarter but what He usually pulls them when your pulling up these -- what he's wrong. -- -- -- -- And it is all -- -- -- round so what's to blame troopers here all point to last summer's massive oil spill. At the time we saw firsthand those birds covered in sludge -- Screw -- by hand but there was no way to scrub the wild -- below the surface and now researchers have discovered what they believe are mutations. In some of the smallest and most common fish in the gulf. The tiny -- They act -- -- good. Canary in the coal -- -- tracking this species through time is gonna give us a good idea. Effects of the oil spill in nature on the left of the -- of -- healthy kill fish on the right. The brown you see is not oil but -- potentially deadly mutation. For now no one has been able to prove it directly. BP oil spill and the damage to the kill fish or the crippled shrimping season. Other factors extremely dry summer and massive freshwater flooding could play a part whatever the reason the result is the same. These boats are all docked on south of the trip what happens to all those votes. -- a lot of boasts a sale. -- -- -- -- Yet -- ABC news New Orleans.

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{"id":14799253,"title":"Gulf Shrimp Disappearing","duration":"2:02","description":"Shrimpers wonder whether worst season in memory is because of BP spill.","url":"/WNT/video/bp-oil-shrimp-gulf-spill-14799253","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}