Breezy Point, Queens Fire: Neighborhood Burned Down Overnight

Elizabeth Vargas follows a community devastated by 9-hour blaze.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breezy Point, Queens Fire: Neighborhood Burned Down Overnight
And when the sun rose this morning one community in new york was changed forever. Dozens of houses were destroyed, not by flood, not by wind but by a huge fire that had raged for 12 hours in a place called breezy point. And it is home to a lot of new york city firefighters who lived through and fought on 9/11. Abc's elizabeth vargas is in queens with that story. Reporter: This is what six blocks of the oceanfront community of breezy point looked like today, a moonscape of blackened wreckage. The remains of more than 100 homes burned to the ground. This is ground zero, the fire at breezy point. As you can see electrical power lines are down everywhere. Mike lost his entire home. Nothing I could really identify except for the kitchen tile and the bathroom tile and that's about it. Reporter: Nobody knows how the fire started but once it did, it became an inferno fed by hurricane-force winds. Firefighters were blocked by hurricane fueled floods. We couldn't get any apparatus down the flood so we had a boat with us and saddled up, got in the boat, went down there. Reporter: We were there just last night as sandy was bearing down on this neighborhood. Many here like mary were determined to stay behind and check in on her neighbor. Let me take a chance. We left for irene and we felt we didn't really have to go. So that's why we stayed. A flashlight. I don't have one. Reporter: But nightfall brought regret. The power is out. The water outside rising. It is 6:55 and the power just went out. So we're officially screwed. Reporter:20/20" producers are here with mary when they spot flames down the block lighting up the flooded streets. They flee to a rooftop they hope will be safe. There's water everywhere, and embers flying. It's like the apocalypse. I mean there's like that fire. We've evacuated. This is real. Reporter: This is a community that has been hit hard before losing 32 people on 9/11. Today, residents stoically faced their newes disaster, vowing they will come back again. Elizabeth vargas, abc news, breezy point, queens.

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{"id":17602555,"title":"Breezy Point, Queens Fire: Neighborhood Burned Down Overnight","duration":"3:00","description":"Elizabeth Vargas follows a community devastated by 9-hour blaze.","url":"/WNT/video/breezy-point-queens-fire-neighborhood-burned-overnight-17602555","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}