Brother Against Brother: Ravens vs. 49er's

NFL coaches, John and Jim Harbough, go head to head this holiday.
1:44 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Brother Against Brother: Ravens vs. 49er's
Who do you root for when your two -- coach opposite teams facing off tonight ABC's David Wright -- -- ESPN. Close to the sidelines tonight then -- may just do -- double take on one side the 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. -- and okay. On the others head coach of the raised his brother John Harbaugh are really really really want to be. Now imagine their proud father a former college coach who taught them both the game. Bulls team you play. Tremendous game. We emotionally gonna play with enthusiasm. But which Sunday Rupp for well we talked to me says me and and we talked to drive north and I have no idea and try to get as far away from the stadium is -- we possibly can't. Jack car but isn't the first sports -- creates divided loyalties in the 84 Olympics there with the twins Phil and Steve mark. Tennis the Williams sisters and on the gridiron Eli and Peyton Manning so -- buzzer in good company. The last time these two Brothers competed against each other directly was in high school when they faced off in an American legion baseball game. They grew up sharing a bedroom less than a year and a half apart. Tonight the parents are in Baltimore but too nervous to watch in the stadium we'd like to get a picture. And once we get the picture -- gun. Probably had to -- house and it's -- -- -- -- more -- -- Thanksgiving. This family will treasure David Wright ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":15025451,"title":"Brother Against Brother: Ravens vs. 49er's","duration":"1:44","description":"NFL coaches, John and Jim Harbough, go head to head this holiday.","url":"/WNT/video/brother-brother-ravens-49ers-15025451","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}