Caffeine Inhalers to be Investigated

FDA Officials to launch investigation into the health effects of the inhalers.
1:47 | 02/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Caffeine Inhalers to be Investigated
To a consumer alert we've learned of the federal government is now on the case of a fast moving craze. Maybe you've seen those new inhale a -- shots of caffeine for -- account are often at a gas station or convenience store. They deliver quick dose of caffeine in a single breath. But there are also concerns and here's ABC's mark Greenblatt now. It's a portable energy -- And it comes in a pouch is these ads show. Ready to take out to the club's arrow shot is the new inhale -- form of caffeine. Delivering a 100 milligrams shot of caffeine with each use about a cup of -- -- and it's gaining popularity on college campuses like New York's Columbia University militants. It I would try it joining -- finals it. It's even making the rounds on national TV. But -- new health concerns have prompted a federal safety investigation. With the FDA saying it will review information brought to the agency's attention about this product. And that they'll consider whether regulatory action is warned it's an investigation welcomed by some health experts concerned about people who might do shot after easy shot and you can easily overdose or succumb to some toxicity associated with the caffeine congestion. You can mix it with alcohol in the social setting senator Chuck Schumer wants to see -- shot taken off the market. It's very possible that snorting caffeine is dangerous. Particularly to a twelve year old there are no age limits on the product. And certainly dangerous when used in combination with alcohol. But -- shots inventor says it's no more dangerous than drinking coffee. And in fact comes in controlled doses. We're confident that it -- Look at the -- that they will have confirmed what we pulled the product is both. A any safe and pleasant thought -- -- -- regulation. But as for those health concerns about its effect on younger users did you do detailed tests on how it might actually impact the health of children or teenagers the answer is -- it now tests on children. Now so far this inhale -- form of caffeine is only on the market in Massachusetts. And New York but it's available to anyone on line. And the product's inventor told me that sales are through the roof right now which is exactly David what concerns those health experts that -- good to -- tweak in the marketing -- -- There could be -- the marketing to come. Inventor says more to come on that.

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{"id":15748465,"title":"Caffeine Inhalers to be Investigated ","duration":"1:47","description":"FDA Officials to launch investigation into the health effects of the inhalers. ","url":"/WNT/video/caffeine-inhalers-investigated-aero-shot-fda-officials-america-health-15748465","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}