Cruise Ship Disaster: How Could It Happen?

There are indications ship may have been intentionally steered close to shore.
4:37 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cruise Ship Disaster: How Could It Happen?
New video from the carnival cruise ship -- -- capsized in the dark cold waters off the coast of Italy. -- 1211. People scrambling to survive. And now word that the captain is under arrest for what he did today we saw scuba divers scour the wreckage below. And rescues. Rescuers tried to swarm the broken ship up above and take a look at this -- stunning reminder of the bravery and survival instincts of ordinary people in crisis. This is a human chain strangers grabbing each other's hands and lowering one another down into lifeboats. Among the missing tonight one American couple retirees from Minnesota who would save for this trip over a lifetime. ABC's llama Hasan made her way out -- the wreckage today and she starts us off tonight from Puerto Stephon -- Lama. Good evening Diane while Italian Coast Guard officials have raised the number of missing to at least 29. And tonight the captain of that ship while he remains in jail facing allegations. As that he about was one of the first to abandon the vessel -- learning new. Shape -- -- in the first underwater images of scuba divers searching beneath the ship's -- a desperate search for survivors. Above the surface. Questions about just how this could've happened. Today the emotional owner of the cruise liners consider Rio carnival cruises accused the Italian captain MTV eighteen off courts. Dangerously close to the island crashing into the rocks and Herring a whole 160. Feet long and the -- of the ship. New indications today that he might have veered on purpose to show off the impressive -- the sister of a waiter on the ship posted on FaceBook. In a short period of time the Concord -- -- will cost very close and big greeting to my brother who finally gets to have a holiday. Stunning images from inside the sinking -- -- terrified passengers. Scrambling to get on line. -- -- They're not just -- As the boat capsized passengers even mentioned when he came on -- life rafts some it was swinging around the passengers adjusting to take what the -- it was. A lot of people without -- -- railing into the flight booked him sideways. Then fell and -- and everybody screaming. Some passengers ignored crew member instructions by jumping into 100 feet deep waters. With -- -- nighttime temperatures in the fifties and swimming the approximately 300 yards to shore. With -- -- -- the crew members actually telling us we need to stay on it obviously need to get up front end and that's -- about just 50050. People. You start swimming. New infrared video released by the Coast -- offers these how the -- stranded passengers survived you can see them standing on the side of the ship. Desperately waving for help. Here and organized swarm of passengers form a human chain. -- together helping each other slide down to the bottom of the ship to be waiting rescue boats. Some of them tying knots and -- and even water hoses -- they could repelled down a sort of makeshift ladder. We rode out today on choppy waters for the first close up look at the destruction and around the clock rescue efforts. How difficult is it for you and your men still operates under these conditions. It's -- she could of course he. Because. Just one this -- of the bullets -- -- now wars. Condit. Or -- it can mean this sort -- tour of the academy and they subsidized the moving. And so it is really need good news kind of -- hangs over the death. And tonight still missing retirees -- and -- hail from Minnesota. Seen here in a photo from their church directory they'd been looking forward to the stream -- nation for years. -- -- -- archaic. -- at any money. -- they want -- actually you know when he -- when he retired. He went traveling -- -- community. In the Arctic a big deal. Beyond this human -- also fears of an environmental -- also there are 500000. Gallons of fuel on the ship. And the weather will turn windy and the fear is that could cools and oil spill into what is a sanctuary for whales and dolphins.

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{"id":15374002,"title":"Cruise Ship Disaster: How Could It Happen?","duration":"4:37","description":"There are indications ship may have been intentionally steered close to shore. ","url":"/WNT/video/carnival-cruise-liner-capsizing-off-tuscan-coast-15374002","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}