Catholic Church in Temporary Hands Following Pope's Resignation

Cardinals to meet at Vatican for preliminary discussion on naming new pope.
1:49 | 03/02/13

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Transcript for Catholic Church in Temporary Hands Following Pope's Resignation
mystery and intrigue with just days now until the conclave. As everyone waits there in rome, there's one ringmaker pleading with the vatican, hoping the ring he made for the pope won't be destroyed. Abc's david wright. Reporter: The most famous chapel in all of christendom was still a tourist attraction today. There are other signs of change. At the apostolic palace, they sealed the pope's apartment as tradition requires. For good measure, they trapped shut the elevator, too. From the vatican post office, new stamps. Valid only during the vacancy, the pope's face replaced by an angel. At the pope's tailor, a white cap on a red pillow. Tip of the hat to his holiness. For one roman goldsmith this whole transition is bittersweet. He hopes to make the next pope's fisherman ring. He designed and made pope benedict's ring. With his own hands. The edges and the inside by st. Peter's square itself. This is your sistine chapel this ring? Benedict can no longer wear it, the vatican constitution requires the ring be destroyed when a pope dies. He pleaded for it to be spare and his prayers are being considered. When we talk about the destruction of the seal it's simply to make some scratch marks to prevent that seal from being used again. Reporter: He hopes the ring in the vatican museum. Just like michelangelo's masterpiece. Our thanks to david again tonight.

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{"id":18639248,"title":"Catholic Church in Temporary Hands Following Pope's Resignation","duration":"1:49","description":"Cardinals to meet at Vatican for preliminary discussion on naming new pope.","url":"/WNT/video/catholic-church-temporary-hands-popes-resignation-18639248","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}