Dick Cheney's New Heart

A look at how the transplant list really works.
2:32 | 03/25/12

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Transcript for Dick Cheney's New Heart
Former Vice President Dick Cheney who has a new heart tonight after transplant surgery this weekend his family saying they don't know who the donor is but that they are forever grateful. We could see in recent months the told Cheney's long history of heart disease had taken a -- he looks. He -- -- -- our Jon Karl after his last major surgery nearly two years ago. Mr. Cheney had a heart pump implanted a device that usually comes before -- heart. It's originally designed transition. To its. Heart transplants -- possibility. And so we bring in our doctor Richard better tonight and -- were telling me earlier but -- transplant for someone in their sixties and seventies can really prolonged the life. It's it's really incredible seven and -- half years that the average length it will extend some life who has this transplant. If there are over 65 it's a tricky question but it's out there today when you have someone. In their seventies like mr. Cheney and so many younger people waiting for heart -- published the list work but I mean -- used to be that. Age 55 with anything about that when it transplant but now we look at the person as it as a whole if there's no kidney disease there have mini strokes if they're in good health. Age is no longer -- an affect you were telling me that Dick Cheney waited longer than the average here that's right I was talking to the program at UCLA the average wait there's three to six months. He will be twenty. We wish him a speedy recovery tonight professors always thanks to you.

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{"id":15999676,"title":"Dick Cheney's New Heart","duration":"2:32","description":"A look at how the transplant list really works.","url":"/WNT/video/cheney-dick-heart-transplant-list-health-15999676","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}