Common Neck Pain Treatment Wrong?

New study favors alternative medicine over doctor's prescription for pain.
1:14 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Common Neck Pain Treatment Wrong?
In healthy living we learned some news today about a problem affecting half of all of us in this country next pay. A new study about how to fix it here's ABC's doctor Richard -- Think about. It holds -- your head moves -- thousands of times a day. The strain from poor posture tension long hours at a desk in leaves a lot of us with. A pain in the neck for -- -- -- -- with the daily grind in front of her computer. This terrible IE I couldn't exercise. Because of the injuries I couldn't rest because I couldn't get comfortable. She did what most people -- took pain medication. But today's study argues not so fast. Of 272 patients with neck pain one group got medication another exercise a third visit to a chiropractor. After twelve weeks only 13% of those taking pills reported no more pain while more than twice as many who exercised were used a chiropractor were pain free. Like -- and you might want to put down the pill bottle in check out the alternatives. And -- often skeptical of approaches to medicine and haven't been tested. But this makes me much more comfortable especially about exercise diet which -- very specific exercises which are gonna post on line for. --

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{"id":15292471,"title":"Common Neck Pain Treatment Wrong?","duration":"1:14","description":"New study favors alternative medicine over doctor's prescription for pain.","url":"/WNT/video/common-neck-pain-treatment-wrong-15292471","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}