Connecticut Fire: Home Safety Mistakes?

Details emerge about the house fire that killed young girls and grandparents.
3:00 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Connecticut Fire: Home Safety Mistakes?
Story that affects every person in this country and could save lives. This is the danger zone for deadly home fires and most of -- take place. In homes that have no smoke alarms or alarms that are not working. Which is the reason firefighters -- a national wake up call today based on what happened at one big house. One that erupted into an inferno at warp speed on Christmas Day. A mother and grandparents trying to save three little girls. ABC's -- Davis has the story and those lessons for every America. Investigators say it was the embers of the Christmas Eve you'll long that started -- firefighters here are calling the most horrific fire in recent memory. It's -- an entire town in mourning for three little girls and their grandparents. After 37. And a half years 38 years on the job. You never prepared for anything like this. The only two survivors. Madonna badger a former ad executive and her friend Michael -- -- Manager says they were wrapping gifts by the fireplace until sometime after 3 in the morning. When we're -- -- collected the embers put them in a bag and then in an outside trashing closure. A spark apparently reached the home which fire officials say didn't seem to have working smoke detectors. Like 13 of American homes they say the fire may have been burning more than an hour before anyone was made aware. The first frantic 911 calls came in just before 5 AM. They got a huge I had a particular -- applaud them -- When firefighters arrived they had to restrain badger who was frantically trying to get back in the burning house firefighters climbed into the daughter's third floor bedrooms. But they weren't there for girls ten years old -- seven year old twins had tried to escape through the intense heat. One girl found just inches from her dead grandfather apparently trying to reach her. That's when he succumbed. And she died just inside the window dozens of firefighters are now getting grief counseling at the end of the -- home. There was nothing they -- do make it that. That weighs heavily -- Fire officials say -- deaths like these can often be prevented with a few simple precautions actions should always be disposed up in metal. Containers and soaked in water. It's critical to have an escape plan to practice that plan. And be sure to check on those smoke detectors Diane. It could save thousands of lives of every -- will check tonight thank you so much -- -- students.

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{"id":15242583,"title":"Connecticut Fire: Home Safety Mistakes?","duration":"3:00","description":"Details emerge about the house fire that killed young girls and grandparents.","url":"/WNT/video/connecticut-fire-home-safety-mistakes-15242583","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}