Cops Hunt Hollywood Serial Arsonist

Over the past three days, 39 fires have been set, destroying cars and homes.
2:16 | 01/01/12

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Transcript for Cops Hunt Hollywood Serial Arsonist
Those growing fire fears out west the images coming in all weekend long. After a major rash of fires more than three dozen said over three nights in several Los Angeles neighborhoods. And so far authorities say they don't know who's behind -- all but look at the pictures tonight this firefighter here battling a fully engulfed car. And then this image like so many others once the cars are set on fire to buildings beside them going up in flames. It departments like this one a burned out shell you can see the family they're sifting through what's left. Tonight the latest from investigators as they try to put together a profile here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. A night of celebration turned to panic this -- view from many in the Los Angeles. As more suspected arsons broke out overnight across West Hollywood. -- last 72 hours here in these communities have kept. These public safety professionals -- -- it's being called the worst wave of arson in twenty years in LA. Fortunately no one has been injured and I couldn't -- children. Even as firefighters and police officers doubled and tripled their -- -- throughout the city. The increased surveillance was not enough to stop a serial arsonist from striking again seven more fires. Investigators say most of the fires began -- car fires. But the flames quickly spread to nearby structures an apartment buildings but I got there -- -- -- for a wise thing golf's. Arson investigators are searching for clues and also building -- psychological profile of the arsonist. It -- for recognition or fame and oftentimes we see that they do it out of spite and anger. Experts say many serial arsonists act alone they're typically white males with below average IQ. It would appear. That the forever -- that it may not be killing people. The primary motive may -- attention. Because he's he or she are setting fires to vehicles that are not apparently -- -- until investigators solve this case it looks like another restless night for firefighters. Experts say that many serial arsonists find pleasure in coming back to the scene of the fire so we can watch as firefighters try to battled the blaze. Investigators say anyone who sees anything suspicious should contact them right away.

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{"id":15270432,"title":"Cops Hunt Hollywood Serial Arsonist","duration":"2:16","description":"Over the past three days, 39 fires have been set, destroying cars and homes. ","url":"/WNT/video/cops-hunt-hollywood-serial-arsonist-39-fires-over-past-three-days-cars-homes-us-15270432","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}