Dan Wheldon Dies in Racing Tragedy

A 15-car accident at the Las Vegas Indy 300 leads to the young driver's death.
3:50 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Dan Wheldon Dies in Racing Tragedy
We do Begin here -- that breaking news out of Las Vegas tragedy at the race track. Many if you were watching right here on ABC driver Dan Wheldon at first seriously injured in a massive fifteen car wreck at the Las Vegas Indy 300. A short time ago on ESPN -- here on ABC was announced that He did in fact die. The crash happened early in the race car went flying through the -- including well that's leaving debris everywhere in -- strewn across the track. Bolton was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital the other drivers clearly shaken. They did honor him this evening just a short time ago before we came on the air. I -- -- to bring in good morning America's Josh Elliott who worked for many years and ESPN's sports editor and covered the racing world and Josh it's good to have you with us He was it. A young man himself married to young children. Yes that's right David. Now survived by his wife -- in terms of action and all of person -- into useful. -- board in March this year He was also surrounded. Actually have to -- the hospital there must say -- -- Brothers and his sister well you mentioned. To the horrific nature of this crash and it is. Almost impossible visit to appreciate -- -- Of cars. Speeding in excess of 220 miles an hour and striking these barrier walls there's just nowhere for all -- forced to go. And it's weird that you see the fiery crash the shot multiple -- again in the fifteen car wreck. Catching fire. -- -- -- car actually leave the year tumble through and in open car racing -- that driver is ever exposed He was peer competitor. Been concerned about heart but He driver didn't patent concerned about the speed being reached out the last state racetrack. -- -- Horrible horrible scene in -- status as the IndyCar here and in tragedy. I'm -- -- can run by the drivers. Snap -- IndyCar rather the mournful dirge of amazing grace playing on that -- I. That it went the two time Indy 500 -- including this year's race in -- that. -- -- -- Just stick with us here as we watch the video play again of that powerful tribute. To Dan Wheldon five left tribute as you mentioned a moment ago and you also talked up the speeds in Indy racing drivers had been concerned about. -- at a high speed in the -- during their practice runs reaching 225 miles per hour. Indeed not only was it -- concern -- the -- -- also very crowded field 34. Cars involved and in fact. Dan Wheldon have been -- the field He was chasing. What was a total spot million dollar bonus something that He would split -- -- been chosen at random he's been very excited about the opportunity but again. Which speak up -- and wouldn't you have that many cars driving 34. Abreast. The tiniest mistake. Sense -- -- off. Rex that we saw today and in fact when you're seeing these -- in them. Unfortunately often in great in both the NASCAR and IndyCar often -- UPD are continuing to -- -- and become a part that's. Ought to quit being that -- -- -- being distributed through the car and they're breaking apart as they are built to -- today. He didn't see that in so many of these cars and indeed for drivers transportable hospital wishing -- -- the other three but today. Again trashy. And Weldon loses -- -- victory suffered in. In an accident that happened as you mentioned early is in the race than it did in fact bring this -- tragic conclusion. Mike good morning America's Josh Elliott with us this evening covering the breaking news Dan Wheldon. Dying in Indy 500 winner twice before in fact this year and the tweets coming in as -- on the air. Devastating praying for his family are things to -- jobs.

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{"id":14749407,"title":"Dan Wheldon Dies in Racing Tragedy","duration":"3:50","description":"A 15-car accident at the Las Vegas Indy 300 leads to the young driver's death. ","url":"/WNT/video/dan-wheldon-dies-racing-tragedy-15-car-accident-las-vegas-indy-300-2011-young-drivers-death-14749407","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}