David Blaine Lets His Fans Shock Him

Wearing a 27-pound steel suit, Blaine is being shocked with a million volts of electricity.
3:00 | 10/07/12

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Transcript for David Blaine Lets His Fans Shock Him
And finally tonight, this is the scene here in new york city this evening. Daredevil david blaine at it again wearing a suit of steel right there. That's metal, 27 pounds of it, as he gets shocked with a million volts of electricity, and he's letting his fans do the zapping. Abc's john schriffen face to face with blaine asking what we are all asking, why? It's alive. Reporter: It's a modern-day twist on the movie "frankenstein" only this jolt has real-life consequences. In his latest death-defying stunt, illusion ist david blaine is electrified for 72 hours. The volts are really cool. Reporter: To give you a I get closer than anyone else. Inside the lightning storm, i get closer than anyone else. We head up in the elevator cage protecting us from the volts and just moments later, eye to eye with the stunt man himself. Now some people might call you crazy. Why are you doing this? It's hard to hear him. Blaine says he's always had a fascination with electricity and becoming a human plasma ball. This is not the first time with blaine, a glutton for punishment, has pushed the limbs of the human body. He's hung upside down for more than two days in central park and suspended himself in a box over the thames river for 44 days and submerged himself underwater for a week. But unlike many of his previous stunts, this one was designed to be interactive. The crowds here in new york or at pop-up stations around the world is able to control the voltage and zap blaine with a push of a button. Can you feel the pain? He tells me sometimes he feels a protective suit is working. If all goes according to plan, monday night blaine will come down having accomplished another bizarre but amazing feat. David, we wish you the best of luck. Thank you very much. Reporter: John schriffen, abc news, new york.

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{"id":17419317,"title":"David Blaine Lets His Fans Shock Him","duration":"3:00","description":"Wearing a 27-pound steel suit, Blaine is being shocked with a million volts of electricity. ","url":"/WNT/video/david-blaine-lets-fans-shock-17419317","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}