Deal May Be Close on Iranian Nukes

Kerry goes to Geneva amid talk of a breakthrough that would freeze part of Iran's nuclear program.
1:05 | 11/22/13

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Transcript for Deal May Be Close on Iranian Nukes
And we have new developments tonight overseas, possible progress on a dangerous situation for the united states, iran and a nuclear weapon. Secretaries of state john kerry on his way to geneva amid talk of a breakthrough, that would freeze part of iran's nuclear program. Abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran has the latest. Terry. Reporter: Diane, this marks the second time in a month that secretaries of state kerry has dropped everything in washington to fly here to geneva in hopes of closing a deal with iran over its nuclear program. You remember the last time, it was the french that surprised everyone by breaking the momentum, breaking the negotiations, declaring that the deal on the table at that time wasn't tough enough on iran. So they had a couple more weeks of what are described as intense negotiations, and the stakes couldn't be higher. Israel made clear, it believes it's security is at stake here, others are saying what is happening could reshape the modern middle east as secretary kerry flies here, the questions are, can they get it done? Should they? Diane. Terry moran, I know you'll follow this throughout the night. Thank you, terry.

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{"id":20986520,"title":"Deal May Be Close on Iranian Nukes","duration":"1:05","description":"Kerry goes to Geneva amid talk of a breakthrough that would freeze part of Iran's nuclear program.","url":"/WNT/video/deal-close-iranian-nukes-20986520","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}