DHS Warns of Deep-Fry Turkey Dangers

The Department of Homeland Security releases safety video.
1:56 | 11/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DHS Warns of Deep-Fry Turkey Dangers
Previously tested several models of -- that Turkey fires and find that this method of cooking can be very hazardous. Looks like a partially frozen Turkey is ready. Temperatures of 350 degrees all put the Turkey and units from people were killed and when that happens in the Turkey is added. Oil spill -- causing -- unit to catch on fire. Another one of our safety concerns with -- -- Turkey Fryer as is their lack of stability and watch how easy it is a -- over. And our laboratory we use water can you imagine if this were hot oil. In addition these units do not have -- static controls allowing the oil to overheat and posing a severe fire -- One of our concerns with the pet Turkey Fryer isn't that the handles on the lid in very hot so if you try to move it. If you can hear from the sizzling with his wife loves you could get a very severe burn if you touch that with -- -- Based on our testing in the deep fat Turkey Fryer is on the market today we will not certify -- -- with our trusted you will mark. We hope everyone thinks twice before using a deep -- Turkey fire but if they do they should exercise extreme caution. Always use these units all stores never on a wooden patio or in a garage they should almost be placed on a -- level surface. And never should be left -- attend.

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{"id":15009863,"title":"DHS Warns of Deep-Fry Turkey Dangers","duration":"1:56","description":"The Department of Homeland Security releases safety video.","url":"/WNT/video/dhs-warns-deep-fry-turkey-dangers-15009863","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}