Six Die in Arizona Plane Crash

New details in the tragic accident in the Superstition Mountains.
1:10 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Six Die in Arizona Plane Crash
More tonight about that holiday tragedy outside of Phoenix that fireball that lit up the sky for miles. A plane crashing into the superstition mountains on Thanksgiving and killing all six people aboard. Including a father and his three children the grieving mother left behind. Here's ABC's David -- tonight. Today Karen Perry's FaceBook page is full of condolences. You have survived so much already said one I cannot imagine what you were facing. Said another I'm praying for you and praying for your strength. Perry -- delta flight attendant and licensed pilot lost her three children Wednesday night in a plane crash. Her ex husband Shawn Perry was taking the children for Thanksgiving. When minutes after take off his twin engine plane slammed into the superstition mountains east of Phoenix. Word tonight one of Perry's co workers co pilot Russell hardy was flying the plane when it crashed. The crash site is so inaccessible. Today NTSB investigators had to be airlifted in as they try to determine what caused the plane to go down. Whatever the explanation. It's clear that for Karen Perry Thanksgiving will never be the --

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{"id":15030311,"title":"Six Die in Arizona Plane Crash","duration":"1:10","description":"New details in the tragic accident in the Superstition Mountains.","url":"/WNT/video/die-arizona-plane-crash-15030311","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}