Double Twister Devastates Nebraska, Killing 2

Recovery is underway especially for a small town called Pilger that was devastated.
3:32 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for Double Twister Devastates Nebraska, Killing 2
Watches and warnings up tonight millions bracing for severe weather into the night all part of that same system that incredibly rare moment. Not one but two twisters on the ground but we didn't know what the time they were wiping out a small town taking a direct hit. Tonight the recovery now under way and look at what remains to seen from above this is -- Nebraska now. On the ground the destruction a parked car covered in debris and mangled building one of the neighbors there stunned and this the tree split right in half. A veteran meteorologist who grew up in that region standing by forest tonight with the alert for the evening ahead but first ABC's Steve -- Sami on the ground for us tonight. Serving up a whole -- whole town. So far this year the nation has only seen two other tornadoes. This incredibly strong if you look closely those -- rooftops and other large structure swirling into the sky and then crashing back to earth. -- -- -- This two headed monster that left two dead and brought -- to families in this small Nebraska town. What's likely EF four wind speeds up to 200 miles an hour 75%. Of the town in my opinion. Damaged or destroyed beyond repair. Larry Nelson a retirees lost everything that was -- right there he survived taking cover in a neighbor's basement just like. Yeah that was I don't -- and I looked out in the big tornado was. Over there and a little America. It was so unfair twin twisters destroyed forty homes. A school a bank and nearly leveling -- Nebraska. Meteorologists tracking at all couldn't believe it by being -- -- fifteen years I've never seen. Never never and this is what's left of the mayor's house he was injured and had to be treated City Hall is gone so is a post office. In nearby -- children at -- at home daycare walked away from this one of the children hospitalized with a crushed hand. And -- got a lot. A captain -- went missing her name was miracle and she walked out alive today. Cool. And it wasn't just Nebraska the storm marched east of -- -- Wisconsin. Late today in Michigan more homes destroyed. This was a farm office hit by one of those twin tornadoes it's got a brick facade but as you can see it didn't stand a chance. And there's still the threat of more severe weather tonight. David. Just incredible devastation. You think you you heard Steve report they're more severe weather on the way tonight however against someone who knows that region well -- -- -- -- -- -- in the weather center at WCVB tonight -- Mike I know you're from there you grew up -- those warnings but when you saw that video those twin twisters what did you see that we didn't see. Unbelievable -- -- to see rare twin tornadoes take a closer look at this video often we have an outbreak of multiple tornadoes -- smaller less powerful not in the case here. Two separate tornadoes one parent thunderstorm. Secondly they were on the ground the same time holding a mile or two apart. Rotating the same direction highly unusual in the meantime Mike you were telling me more severe weather on the way tonight more than fifteen million on alert. That's right David tonight -- -- a threat of severe weather all the way from the Dakotas to the East Coast. Here the northeast we're most concerned about some of that energy from the Nebraska tornadoes will actually pass through here overnight tonight and tomorrow. CN areas will be in the risk for more severe weather in addition we have heat nineties through the south mid Atlantic back through the midwest. These temperatures -- even hotter because of the high humidity heat indices over 100 degrees. An air quality alert out throughout the mid Atlantic states our meteorologist Mike Wong come tonight in the team -- WCVB thank you.

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{"id":24184584,"title":"Double Twister Devastates Nebraska, Killing 2","duration":"3:32","description":"Recovery is underway especially for a small town called Pilger that was devastated.","url":"/WNT/video/double-twister-devastates-nebraska-killing-24184584","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}