Entire Neighborhoods in Oklahoma Devastated

Ginger Zee with the latest breaking news and storm developments.
2:21 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Entire Neighborhoods in Oklahoma Devastated
And our special coverage begins tonight with ABC's meteorologist ginger Z from Oklahoma. -- turning very destructive tornado. And it is getting bigger this afternoon a local television helicopter capturing the pictures up in the sky catching this tornados raped a preliminary EF four. Look closely you can see the flash is that the power lines and transformers are ripped apart others -- flash. Right there is just rip it up everything in its map from the ground darkness. Overwhelming Moore Oklahoma. You can -- the colossal tornado bearing down on the streets. Unbelievable destruction entire neighborhoods gone. Houses and cars piled on top of each other. As we -- today we've had a massive tornado huge when this passes this community. We do know there are fatalities. In some parts everything level cars tossed people digging -- following through rubble. Started and then we -- house walls for people. There are people crawling out from everywhere and anywhere. Basically just a war zone buildings crushed by the destructive tornado that we tablet for almost an hour. And sadly found. A man and then. Woman in a small -- And here school buses still lined up outside his school but that -- Torn apart. It just portrait like a truck just run right senator -- our affiliate KOCO spoke to sixth grader Brady who was inside Breyer would elementary school when his. It's. Just -- yeah. In the back into the boys and goes back there. And then. That gives them -- -- bond elections. Staying away from London -- Think since -- blue. Endowed and they are -- -- -- -- The senate blocks and everything collapsed on. There's just a blink and there's just cars vetoed. -- -- had been out without regard. You all right but I know this is pretty wild. To take all -- a one time have you had a chance to talk to -- yeah she was on top of me. She's ever be with a ginger -- ABC news Moore Oklahoma.

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{"id":19221811,"title":"Entire Neighborhoods in Oklahoma Devastated","duration":"2:21","description":"Ginger Zee with the latest breaking news and storm developments.","url":"/WNT/video/entire-neighborhoods-oklahoma-devastated-19221811","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}