FBI Accuses Amish of Beard Cutting

Seven Amish men have been accused of religiously motivated hate crimes.
1:34 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for FBI Accuses Amish of Beard Cutting
The FBI took down seven men accused of hate crimes today but the men in custody are not your usual suspects are -- Which is why the crime they're accused of may seem a bit strange to most of us ABC's Pierre Thomas explains. The Amish are known for being a peaceful community shying away from modern technology. But -- -- the Amish have been suffering through a violent crime spree the weapon of choice. Hair clippers today the Justice Department charged seven Amish men of religiously motivated hate crimes. Accusing them of attacking others in the sect and setting off -- here. It may not sound horrific to you but to the Amish it's a serious offense. For them it is really a -- public symbol of their Amish faith and identity very shameful to have. -- cut the attacks allegedly stemmed from a dispute over arms theology under federal law attacking someone because of the religion. It's considered a hate -- Nobody in this nation. And in this community has the right to assault and other individual. Based upon their religious beliefs in addition to restraining the men and women and cutting their hair. Federal prosecutors say -- has forced members to sleep for days at a time in a chicken coop. He also the FBI claims has been counseling the married women in the -- to cleanse them of the double with acts of sexual intimacy. I don't speak we're living here now with these arrests in the FBI case is true. Prayers may have been answered Pierre Thomas ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15020305,"title":"FBI Accuses Amish of Beard Cutting","duration":"1:34","description":"Seven Amish men have been accused of religiously motivated hate crimes.","url":"/WNT/video/fbi-accuses-amish-beard-cutting-15020305","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}