Firefighters Braving Fires and the Freezing Cold

Arctic subzero temperatures present difficult challenges when fighting fires in extremely cold weather.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Firefighters Braving Fires and the Freezing Cold
indianapolis. A lot of people huddled at home have been using electric heaters, ovens and lighting fires to stay warm. Some of them hazards. And abc's gio benitez spent the day with the firemen trying to fight fires in the freeze. Reporter: On those frozen front lines, firefighters battle more than just the blaze. Those icy dangers. Watch, a chicago firefighter just trying to work. Slips and falls, knocking his helmet right off his head. And late monday night, firefighters trying to battle a two-alarm fire, were frozen themselves. And watch what happens to the building. Once engulfed in flames, becoming ice castles after firefighters spray them with water. And look at this fire hydrant covered in snow. Here in chicago, firefighters even had to use a flare to melt the ice around another. Worse thing that could happen to firefighter is get out, hook on to the hydrant, they turn that valve and nothing happens. Reporter: Tonight, firefighter miguel diaz suits up. Really, weather like this could be dangerous for you? Very dangerous. Reporter: No matter the temperature, the suit is the same. 60 to 70 pounds of equipment. And while it may look warm, it's no match for the cold. So it is almost like you want work to stay warm. Reporter: And remember, they have to be outside, even when most of us aren't. Gio benitez, abc news, chicago. And we have some pictures, now, we want to share tonight. All of us looking out together at each other. Arctic travelers bundled up. A sea of eyes peering out from mountains of scarves and hats. And take a look. So many eyelashes and eyebrows turned to icicles. And one family sent us this picture saying it was something they've never seen before. A ring of ice around the dog's water bowl. And something they'd never seen before in florida, a snowy owl usually found in the arctic, landing on the beaches of the sunshine state. By the way, we followed up on a hunch today and found a record number of us are searching online for, quote, warm-weather vacations. At least we can dream.

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{"id":21455198,"title":"Firefighters Braving Fires and the Freezing Cold","duration":"3:00","description":"Arctic subzero temperatures present difficult challenges when fighting fires in extremely cold weather.","url":"/WNT/video/firefighters-braving-fires-freezing-cold-21455198","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}