Flu Shot Breakthrough on the Horizon

Scientists are one step closer to a universal vaccine that protects against all flu strains.
1:47 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Flu Shot Breakthrough on the Horizon
And in medical news tonight big changes in the flu shot we get every year. This season for som people, the dose could be more powerful than before and scientists are reporting progress has been made on this annual ritual. Maybe someday a thing of the past? Abc's chief health and medical correspondent dr. Richard besser with what you need to know. Reporter: It's a new weapon in your fight to avoid flu. Think of the flu vaccine as a medical crystal ball. Doctors look at flu strains around the world trying to predict which one will hit here at home. Usually it covers three strains of flu. But this year for the first time, it will cover four. The rest of the 140 million doses just cover three types of flu and for seniors, good news, a stronger vaccine, super dose, four times more powerful aimed at those over 65. They're the ones in most danger from flu. And today, a new study. Scientists may have found one part all flu viruses have in common, a first step towards a vaccine which would protect us from all flus. Until then we need to use what we've got. So someday a flu for life. Very exciting. In other words, that is exciting but what about today. What do you ask for. Not all doctors and pharmacies will have all types of vaccines so you want to say do you have the type that protects against four strains of flu. If you're someone who gets a nasal spray, the good must is the nasal one contains all four strains. Is it different costs. Your co-pay may vary so before you get stuck ask so there's no surprises. I think the bottom line is whatever you do, make sure you get your vaccine and they're here earlier than ever.

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{"id":20351154,"title":"Flu Shot Breakthrough on the Horizon","duration":"1:47","description":"Scientists are one step closer to a universal vaccine that protects against all flu strains.","url":"/WNT/video/flu-shot-breakthrough-horizon-20351154","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}