Ford CEO on Not Taking Taxpayer Bailout

Alan Mulally talks about the auto giant's successful comeback.
1:57 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Ford CEO on Not Taking Taxpayer Bailout
Jobs in this country. And just how to bring America back and -- tonight here another ABC news exclusive this time with the CEO Ford. Who revived at auto giant inviting me for a tour of what -- Ford's factories. And revealing to us his plans for thousands of new jobs. That iconic question -- went -- for decades. A couple of years ago Ford was an American brand -- for survival. But unlike its American competitors -- would not file bankruptcy and -- taxpayer bailout. Or -- 23 and -- half billion dollars until home to get back on track. How much of that 23 and a half billion do you still have to -- that every play 11 billion. Of the risen 23 and a half an -- almost there we're almost there you were able to do this without filing for bankruptcy. Without taking a federal bailout. And that resonated with the American people all absolutely. The crowd factory workers here had no idea mr. Levin kill enough. The -- -- -- retiree. Who including it was walking toward him well great but I know you. I'm glad that the -- our goal. Hero because of the remarkable tour around here is CEO revealing to us to Ford now plans to -- 121000 new workers. But it was that retired workers at its image of his first -- mustang made that CEO smile -- yeah yeah yeah at the 64. The first -- one April -- before. The 64 and a half Ford -- we also -- Ford CEO what he believes the next president needs to do. To bring America back we'll also interviewed Aaron Brockovich and -- -- champion helping keep American families in their homes. It's a special primetime Nightline's Saturday 8 PM eastern bringing America back. That's right before the Republican debate of course people right here on NBC.

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{"id":15109078,"title":"Ford CEO on Not Taking Taxpayer Bailout","duration":"1:57","description":"Alan Mulally talks about the auto giant's successful comeback.","url":"/WNT/video/ford-ceo-taking-taxpayer-bailout-15109078","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}