Frozen Nation: 33 States to See a Drastic Drop in Temperatures

The Northeast to see as much as a 50-degree plunge and how the severe cold could affect you.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Frozen Nation: 33 States to See a Drastic Drop in Temperatures
are calling it the polar vortex. And it is on the move. 140 million americans facing windchills below zero degrees. Breaking records from chicago to tulsa. So, how low will the temperatures go? And how long will it last? Our abc news extreme weather team is out in the deep freeze across the country tonight. And abc meteorologist ginger zee starts us off with the big picture. Diane, that big picture is a wiktdly cold one. Here in new york city, we drop to the single digits by tomorrow morning. And look at that. The width of this cold. All the way from the northern rockies, to iowa, through the gulf coast. And even miami will get cold tonight. Life threatening, school closing, record-breaking cold. That's incredibly cold air in western iowa. You've got brutal cold everywhere you go. It's going to feel like 20, 25 degrees below zero. Reporter: The scenes from our sub zero nation are stunning tonight. From zero visibility in michigan to the tundra once called ohio. It was a don't go outside day in kansas city. Chicagoans renaming their land ch-beria. Lake michigan's steaming as temps bottomed out at a record breaking 16 below zero. The governor of illinois declaring a state of emergency. And in indiana, one day after a major snow, a state of disaster and a severe warning from the governor. If you can stay in, stay in today. Reporter: Records broken as far as south as texas. Look at these frozen spectacles in georgia. Atlanta today, colder that anchorage, alaska. And it's brought to you by a pool of cold air sometimes referred to as the polar vortex. Many times it reaches central canada. And in this case, the jet stream bending just south enough to allow that counterclockwise spinning low to shift into the lower 48. This ice breaker working to keep the shipping lanes open. The ice here hasn't frozen this EARLY SINCE THE 1930s. This is the stuff we're breaking through right now. That ice is a foot thick. Reporter: The next natural question, how long will it last? Let's answer how cold it will be tomorrow morning? Look at the map. You have the bitter cold settling in. Freeze warnings all the way south to the gulf coast. The windchills as low as 65 below even in parts of tennessee. Nashville tomorrow morning wakes up at 7 below. Pittsburgh, 30 below will be the feels-like. And here is how long it stays. The four-day forecast, with that core of cold air pulling away. Chicago, you finally get to freezing and above by the end of the week. In fact, everyone does. Atlanta, going to go from subfreezing to 50 by friday. Diane? All right, ginger. You were talking about chicago chicagoans calling it chiberia. It's nine degrees colder in chicago than siberia tonight. We're hearing from you about

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{"id":21442183,"title":"Frozen Nation: 33 States to See a Drastic Drop in Temperatures","duration":"3:00","description":"The Northeast to see as much as a 50-degree plunge and how the severe cold could affect you.","url":"/WNT/video/frozen-nation-33-states-drastic-drop-temperatures-21442183","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}