Gadhafi: Lockerbie Victims React

ABC's David Muir talks to Brian Flynn, whose brother died.
2:10 | 10/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gadhafi: Lockerbie Victims React
It's been a long time now I'm just curious. Today -- you finally feel as though there's been justice. Finance been dreaming about this day for twenty years -- -- when we first found out that it was an act terrorism and that the Libyan government was behind it. Meets a certain looking into learning about Moammar -- And what type -- -- of -- -- house. Press the fewest people. Hard -- -- people live. And -- why would someone commit acts of terrorism -- can those young children like my brother 21 years old coming back from. Studying abroad and what struck us from many of us -- What -- we do about this how to react -- take care you know you're shocked and then you turn angry when He was anger. And what we've done is try to bring some semblance of justice and seeing -- today. Bloodied. And and by his own people. Does give us a sense a feeling of justice -- you never thought and integrators -- and some of the family members and I were talking today that. How we never thought this day would come only -- fight for all of its forces working against -- We believe that. I'm predators small part but -- heart. And helping to print -- account -- -- if there wasn't this sense of celebration. -- -- in this sense of freedom and Libyan people being empowered. But his death you might think -- -- it's a little bit strange and somewhat creepy to be that taking joy and celebrating someone else death. But I also think that it did keeping his sense of -- this is something to celebrate this does matter this isn't just -- justice here this is more important and it's it's more important even than -- people it's about this. This fundamental idea. That -- freedom and justice can happen.

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{"id":14782893,"title":"Gadhafi: Lockerbie Victims React","duration":"2:10","description":"ABC's David Muir talks to Brian Flynn, whose brother died.","url":"/WNT/video/gahdafis-death-lockerbie-victims-react-14782893","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}