Gas Could Break $4

Gas prices increase across the country.
2:41 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Gas Could Break $4
-- signed today that Americans are in for a shock at the gas -- A new report out today shows the price of gas nationwide rose nearly twenty cents in four weeks. Now at three dollars 48 cents a gallon that's up more than 11% over last year up 30% in two years. And we can tell you tonight which cities could break the four dollar barrier by -- ABC Cecilia Vega has been digging into these new numbers Cecilia. -- Diane Los Angeles is one of those cities drivers here could be paying as much as. If you were driving the predictions would make you slam on your breaks. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend the highest average gas prices this country has -- -- for now the calm before the storm is here increases already -- sky high are about to get even higher when asked that has an average gas price of four dollars and five cents a gallon by may. Another predicts for fifteen. That means by year's end American households with two -- could be shelling out as much as 300 dollars more for gas than they did last year. And for the quest. Everything else going. Rents are going up that's magical thinking that makes may drive lasts. -- -- And 415 -- gallon for some American cities will seem like a bargain. Big cities will be hit especially hard in some cases because of higher taxes and others because their distance from refineries and Chicago could. Reach for 95 a gallon San Francisco for 85 Seattle 465. -- because it's. It -- and expensive. Mounting tensions in Iran are only partly to blame for this bring times sticker shock American drivers can also -- increased demand from China. Refinery closures and our own never ending need to drive. The bottom line is us as Americans that commute to work still will need to commute to work so there's a really a limited. Amount of things realty unlimited amount of options that Americans contained except for -- other states for every ten cent hike at the pump. Economists say consumers cut other spending to the tune of nine billion dollars. Could dry and -- isn't really an option for you. Here's a tip try not to let your car -- if you let your car warm up for just ten minutes it's basically the same thing. Is driving five straight miles experts say with gas prices as high as they are right now -- as high as they're going to be. Might -- just let it warm up for thirty seconds. You'll be just fine.

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{"id":15525806,"title":"Gas Could Break $4","duration":"2:41","description":"Gas prices increase across the country.","url":"/WNT/video/gas-could-break-four-dollars-15525806","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}