Gabby Giffords: A Year Later

Congresswoman's remarkable recovery inspires the nation.
1:40 | 01/08/12

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Transcript for Gabby Giffords: A Year Later
One year since that terrible day in Tucson -- congresswoman Gabriel Giffords was gravely wounded and six people were killed and a gunman's Rampage. As ABC's Tanya Rivero reports -- Giffords triumphantly return to -- to that supermarket this weekend. And today was a day of hope in healing. Today in Tucson bells rang out at precisely the moment the shooting began that's Sunday January morning. While hundreds packed a cathedral. And -- real Gifford and her husband are expected to attend an evening vigil honoring the victims. In just sixteen seconds that lone gunman shattered so many lives killing six people including a federal judge and a nine year old girl. Wounding thirteen others. Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords shot in the head. Just yesterday Giffords visited the scene for the first time husband mark Kelly tweeting out this picture. And this weekend Kelly talked with Good Morning America about whether his wife will run again for office. It's important to her is her ability to did do the job you know how she feels about that so she's looking -- work. -- -- the next few months and making a decision for now Giffords is focused on her rehabilitation with her husband by her side. Their special bond evident in this exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer. Is there a word from -- What's the first word you think -- I think -- I think it would -- give -- two. Brave and tough. House -- wolf that's strength today reflected in her community -- Rivero ABC news New York.

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{"id":15318293,"title":"Gabby Giffords: A Year Later","duration":"1:40","description":"Congresswoman's remarkable recovery inspires the nation.","url":"/WNT/video/gifford-gabby-mark-shooting-congresswoman-politics-us-15318293","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}