Gunned Down at the Short Hills, N.J., Mall

Investigators are searching for answers in the terrifying encounter that ended a man's life.
3:00 | 12/16/13

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Transcript for Gunned Down at the Short Hills, N.J., Mall
Back now to New Jersey tonight a manhunt underway after a shooting at a shopping mall a young husband gunned down after Christmas shopping with his wife. Investigators are piecing together the clues and here's ABC's -- nine. He was a young promising attorney only a few years out of law school but Dustin -- like ended Sunday it mattered little bit. It -- -- find it unlikely place the parking lot of an upscale New Jersey mall he was thirty years old. The short hills mall was open late last night to a comedy albums holiday shoppers. A little after nine yen in the parking lot shots. As soon as I walked out I -- -- Paul -- that is done and -- I just heard screaming like just at the top of -- It was Jamie Friedland -- the white. He just opened the car door for her when two men drove up shot -- in the head and drove away with his Lakshmi Range Rover. We do not know why that car it is obviously. A car with. Some value. Jamie Friedman was not injured Gilbert police found -- -- today bandit got a new works street. As millions of holiday shoppers descend on malls experts say parking lots a -- from the hustle and bustle we are you need to be most alert. You're at a secluded area -- lots. Our prime area for someone if they -- to perpetrate a robbery against the. So how can you state state park -- other cars -- near parking attendant where there are likely to be at war people. Always carry your purse or bag in front -- view. If someone taking him there from you you release let them take him -- remember. They have -- and its contents are replaceable you're not. And how do you keys in your hand they could be used as self defense a little. The protection -- this busy shopping season re ignited ABC news short hills New Jersey.

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{"id":21240822,"title":"Gunned Down at the Short Hills, N.J., Mall ","duration":"3:00","description":"Investigators are searching for answers in the terrifying encounter that ended a man's life.","url":"/WNT/video/gunned-short-hills-nj-mall-21240822","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}